See Saw


We saw this see-saw at one of the old store.. that we used to be .. now it has turned into a consignment shop.. and handcraft store. I love the see-saw very much.. and we are asking Grampie if he knows how to build something like this for me. If you remember .. Grampie build the swing for me.. a few years ago.. and i just loved it. I hope Grampie will make a see saw for me… this summer. Hurray for Grampies..!!

Our Business, Our Store

I don’t like when we have to move to another store, because it is hard work for my Papa.  But Papa who is looking to buy our own store so we don’t have to move no more told my Crazy Chinese Mummy that commercial real estate are different from buying a house.  And my Papa said .. at the moment.. it is best to rent until something good comes along.

Disney’s Enchanted

Have you watched Enchanted yet…?? It is very funny.. and i love it alot..! It started as a cartoon.. and then a real, real show.. and it’s like this lovey dovey story.. and then changed into a cartoon again. About Gisele the princess in a modern day in New York City, she was sent to our world by an evil queen. Princess Gisele met with the love of her life in our world. My mummy said.. it is for big gals.. and small gals.. like me.. but no kissing please..!

Barbie Mariposa


Barbie Mariposa is one of my favourite cartoon. I watched it quite a few times already. It is about a beautiful butterfly fairy called Mariposa. Based on the classic Little Golden Book. Mariposa is a beautiful butterfly fairy who loves to read and dream about the world outside her home in the land of Flutterfield. Flutterfield is protected by the Queen’s glimmering magical flower lights, but when the Queen is poisoned by the evil fairy Henna, the special lights begin to go out one by one. It’s up to the brave Mariposa and her friends to journey beyond the safe borders of the city in search of a hidden antidote that will save the Queen. This is a very exciting cartoon… all the kids will love it.

Keegan’s Friend

My babysitter, Keegan goes to the high school in town.  She used to go to that French school in Tusket but this year, she changed school because she wanted to get better grades.  I think some of her friends need acne treatment because my mummy said it was normal for teenagers to be plagued with acne problems.  But I sure don’t like how some of them looked.

I Am Good At Sharing

I am very good at sharing.. because i would give my candies .. and chocolates.. to everyone who comes to my store.  When my mama asked me to share my stuff.. i do it without hesitation.  My mama say i’m the best kid in town.  Do you share you candies and toys too..?? will you share them with me..??