I’m Such A Sook



I am such a sook.. my crazy chinese mummy said. I can turn on my tears in seconds.. and i always make my daddy give me towel for my tears.. and refuses to wipe them with my hands.. and wants to be carried afterwards… before i would stop crying.


But as fast as i sook.. i’m easily pleased too. See I’m smiling already.. coz’ Papa said something really funny to me.

Virtual Violin Lessons

Learning to play a musical instrument is what my mummy wants for me but there isn’t very many music teacher around our town.. but there is a music shop just round the corner .. where i can get just about any musical instrument.

For kids like me to learn violin at home it is not only an affordable alternative but great for me because it is convenient for my mummy and daddy. There is a new book by Mrs Siedel and it shows step to step instructions for beginners like me. You can get it in stores now or online. My mummy said that I should be able to follow it with ease as it was design for kids like me and even adults can use it. Awesome..!

Anyone Don’t Wanna Play With Me

Yes.. i make my mummy and daddy feel bad.. by saying. “anyone don’t wanna play with me” … when they have to work.. so one of them have to stop what they are doing. .and come sit and play with me. So these days.. if my mummy or daddy needs to work.. they are so smart.. they call Keegan to come play with me.. so i cannot say.. “anyone don’t wanna play with me.” Well.. just as long as keegan doesn’t hurt her back.. like she did the other day.. then she can’t really play with me.. coz’ my mummy keep screaming at me.. not to hurt keegan.

Holiday In Mexico

Yesterday my Papa came home from work with gifts from Sara’s daddy from Mexico. They bought me a t-shirt and a pair of beautiful maracas for me to boogie with my music/songs. I knew they were going to Mexico to get away from the cold we have here for so long and doesn’t seems to want to go away.

My mummy said that Mexico is one of the places that we Canadian go to alot on a yearly basis. Uncle Jerry and Aunt Rainy goes there every year and they said it is the best place to be. The sun, the sea, plenty of food and drinks and the friendly people in Mexico is family friendly. Isla Mujeres luxury hotel accomodations comes highly recommended, mummy said i would love the pool and the sunset grill although I am not very much into meat. They have lots of rooms and we want to go swim with the Dolphins as well. My mummy said the room rates are affordable and that all of us could use some hot weather now.

Awesome looking hotel..!

No Keegan Again

Keegan is sick again.. so my crazy chinese mummy said to me.. when we arrived at the store.  Keegan sent a MSN message to Papa.  I haven’t seen Keegan for 3 days now.. and I asked my Mama if she got Keegan sick.. and Papa said .. “no..!! mummy has a cold.. and NOT throwing up but Keegan is throwing up..!”  I made Keegan a “get well” card last night.. and want to give it to her.. but she was sleeping already when I called her.  Mummy said.. we have to let Keegan rest because she must have exhausted herself last week with Baby Ciarra home from Truro.

I Got Timed-Out Again

I was really bad.. and got timed out again the other day. I bit Keegan .. so she made me go on timed out. When my mummy came home.. keegan made me tell my mummy.. and my mama was shocked.. and said.. no more keegan.. if you are gonna bite keegan. No one’s daughter should be bitten by mine..!! she roared..!

Butter Crock



My grampie loves eating butter so does my Uncle Richard and what better to get them for this coming Father’s day than a Butter Bell butter crock , I am sure they would love it because it keeps the butter soft and spreadable without needing to keep the butter in the fridge for a whole 30 days. It is made of durable stoneware and holds one stick of butter. You only need to put in cool, fresh water and it will do its magic.

Plus these useful gifts are affordable and I can get them for my Godma Lynn and also my grammie. Comes in 3 different colors and ships out right away too. Order this for just about anyone who eats butter and those who loves to make fudge like my grampie. I know my mummy is getting a few for everyone in the family.

Chinese Noodles



This is my favorite food.. ! i can eat it everyday. .and I asked for it on a daily basis too. My crazy chinese mummy gives me tofu, corn and crabsticks with it.. because i wouldn’t eat meat. Even my grammie bought some chinese noodles to place at her home for me.. just in case i go visit.. and i don’t wanna eat anything.

Spring Fever

My mummy is getting me some air purifiers because of the pollen that is all around during spring season. This year, she thinks it is everywhere in the air because we are coughing alot more.. and also getting lots of rashes.  My mummy said that if you have an old house or apartment.. an air purifier gets rid of mold and mildew.