I Am Not Diabetic

Mama and Papa took my blood test and checked my blood sugar when i was asleep .. a few weeks ago.. but i’m still peeing more than usual. I’m not diabetic.. nor do i have an infection.. so they don’t know what it is. But these day.. mama is very paranoid.. and when we get home from work.. she makes sure that i am cleaned properly and have my panties changed.

My Papa’s Entertainment Room

My papa’s entertainment room is in the basement, he is transforming the basement into his recreation room a little at a time.. and recently he bought a set of speakers from Keegan’s daddy for when he wants to watch movies.  I know he would love to turn the basement into his little play den. where he gets surround sound.. and home theater effect.  I bet if he has got some spare change, he would even get some home theater sconces.  Mama said.. if the bills are all paid up.

Use Coupons .. Papa!!

Papa just bought a set of speakers from Phil..  but mama wasn’t too happy.. because she wants to save our money for emergencies.. and for my future.  So she don’t like Papa to buy alot of toys too much.  But you see if Papa knew how to use Circuit City coupons and save from these coupons.. i am sure.. mama would think that he didn’t spend alot of money on his toys.   The next time.. when Papa wants to buy something.. i think i have to remind him about using coupons.

Lobster Contest


I entered the Grandfather Lobster Contest at Sobeys.. and my mama let me write stuff on it. It could be really funny .. if they do pick me as the winner.. coz’ i didn’t write my name or phone number on it. But I love writing.. and it was fun.. so that’s alright.. even if i don’t win.  Mama said.. winning is not everything.. having fun is all that matters..and i had fun.

Uhh..! No Thanks..!

My crazy chinese mummy tried to leave me at the Great Canadian Dollar store the other day.. and told me.. that they would come pick me up later. I said to her .. Uhhh.. ! no thanks..!! so that she can’t leave me at that store. I just wanna go shopping and buy my toys.. and gas station.. I don’t wanna be left at the store. Silly .. Mama!!

Keegan Is Sick Again

Keegan is sick again .. !  i haven’t seen her since last week Friday.  Well, I did see her briefly on Saturday.. because she worked in the morning instead.. as she needed to attend a presentation (whatever that is).  Then Monday she didn’t come.. because she was sick, Tuesday she didn’t come.. because she was sick..  and this is already Friday.. so i technically haven’t seen Keegan for a week now.  But yesterday, she sent her friend.. Shelby to come collect her pay .. because she didn’t wanna get me sick.  So I’ve got no one to play with.

Mind Your Language

I never use words that my mummy or daddy don’t like. And if i did .. like say “stupid” for fun.. i will get into trouble, so I try not to say it. Instead I use “Oh..!! Tartar Sauce” or “Darn it” .. apparently these words is ok. .and doesn’t get me into trouble with my crazy chinese mummy and Papa. I think my mummy & daddy is trying to bring me up the proper way.

My Godma Lynn Is Coming

My Godma Lynn is coming to town..!  She called me at the store.. and we talked.. and i sang to her.. and then i asked Godma.. to bring me some Chinese noodles from Toronto.  And Godma is gonna bring my mama .. some Laksa too..!!

I can’t wait to see my Godma.. because i get to go out on a gal’s day out.. ! she is the only person in the world.. that i would go in the car with ..  without my mama or papa.  I love my Godma..!! she is an awesome.. awesome person..!!  you should get to meet her.. one day..  🙂

Dressing Up For Prom



I was all dressed up for Keegan’s prom the other night and she was supposed to come visit with her princess dress.. but didn’t…! i was very, very sad.. and kept asking Papa and my crazy chinese mummy why Keegan didn’t come. And I’m mad too.. that Keegan didn’t come when she said she would all the time. Bad Keegan.

I Love My Mama’s Bed

I love my mama’s bed .. because bedding sets are so plush and comfy.  Every morning when i wake up, I will go snuggle with my mama and kiss my mama.  But she is always so tired.. because she doesn’t get to bed till late.  So my Papa doesn’t let me stay in mama’s comfy bed for too long.. so that she can rest some more.  I wonder when I can sleep in my mama’s bed for a long time..or even all night.