Learning To Play Scrabble

Learning to play scrabble .. while mummy, keegan and grammie played for fun.. one afternoon to distract mummy of her pain in her tummy.  Since they were all playing.. i wanted to learn to .. so mummy let me have some letters.. so that I can be playing with them.  But i think i’m not so good at it yet.  But I’m only 4 .. so mummy said. .it is ok.

Mama To Chloe

To my dear Chloe,
Mama is going for an operation this morning.. in another few more hours. I just want to let you know that I love you very much .. and that you are my life.. and more important than my own life. You are a miracle .. my dear princess and everything that you are .. is amazing.
You are such a good kid.. mama can’t ask for anything more. I want you to be always happy and healthy.. and know that mama loves you more than anyone or anything in this world.  If mama is not around, you have to be a good girl.. and listen to papa and not make him upset.

Mama loves chloe very much..!  you are the most precious and wonderful gal ever.  The best thing that ever happen to mama.

Love, mama

A Break

My mama is going to the hospital.. and staying for a few days.. so I won’t be writing for about a week or so.. depending on how my mama feels. Everyone pray for my mama please.. ! for a safe operation.. and speedy recovery. Thank you everyone..!

Mama Is Staying In The Hospital

We have been going up and down the hospital for the last 2 weeks.  Mama will be going to get her hysterectomy done.  Of course she is worried.. and trying to get me prepared for it.  I think she is afraid.. that I might missed her alot.. and will cry at night.  Will you all pray for my mama ..??  I’m gonna miss her.. but Mama’s doctor.. Dr Muhkajee.. is going to make mama all well again.. so it’s ok..  that she is staying for a few days.. at the hospital.

Coffee Shop Gal

This is me at Tim Hortons at Water Street. We went there yesterday.. after mama went for her blood test. I love sitting at the coffee shop.. but mama and papa .. they don’t like hanging out there.. for there is just too many ppl they said. But everyone at the coffee shop .. said i was cute. This is me.. not very happy .. because i wanted french fries.. from Macdonalds.. but Papa said it was too crowded there.

My Very Own Camera

Papa bought a new pink camera for me .. so i don’t have to keep messing with theirs.  Papa said.. we have to find some memory cards for the camera, else we cannot take as many pictures as I want to.   The memory cards stores all the pictures for me and if you know me.. you know that not only mama loves to take pictures.. i love to do it too.

Working With Papa

I go to work with my papa everyday.  My papa owns a computer/movies/games/ store.  We don’t have very much office furniture because it is not really set up like an office.  But we did used to have an office in our old store but we were never in it.  With our new store, Papa cleaned up a corner for my sofa, tv and video plus i have a writing and drawing table for me to read and write.  My papa is awesome..!