I Can Use “Big” Words

I amused my mama by using big words.. like “concentrate” .. when i was playing a computer game.. and mama wanted to talk to me. I told mama ” i have to concentrate.. mom..!!” .. and mama find it so amusing.. that i know words like that. But i know more..!! i know “darn it” too..!! when i die in my games. But mama said.. i cannot say .. “darn it!” but can use “oopsie…!” Well.. i guess i have to listen to mama right..?

Personal Quick Loans

It is not every one who can run a business and manage our personal finances like my daddy does.  My daddy owns his own store.. and everything that is in the store.. is paid for by cash.  Sometimes the inventory doesn’t move and our cash flow wouldn’t be as smooth as he had planned to.

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Fixing Computer

I’m helping my papa fix computer here. There were lots of computer that came into our store.. to be fixed by my papa .. and I want to help papa fix some. You see .. i’m using the torch light to see how dirty the computer was.. and then i can tell papa about it.

See i’m at work now.. and doing my job. Mama tells the customers all the time.. that she believes in child labour.. muahahahah!!

Mama Loves To Be Clean

My mama is a wee bit paranoid about cleanliness.. especially with toilets.  When i was younger … and still a baby.. she makes sure. .that everything were wiped down.. before she would change my poopie.  And since i liked to poop so much, you can imagine.. how much wipes we used when i go poopie.  Therefore, mama buy those organic wipes and biodegradable ones only.  She said we have to save the environment.  Is your mama like that..??

Keegan’s Friends

Some of keegan’s school friends visit her at the store.. while she is working.. and some of them .. needs to really do something about their faces.  Keegan said they have acne depression and should be seeing a skin doctor if we had one here.. in this small town. Luckily .. mama doesn’t have a skin problem.. and neither do i… so we don’t need to see anyone special.

My First Pet

Mama allowed me to have a fishy for a pet.  Keegan took me to the fishy store.. but they didn’t have any yet.. and i insisted on getting one that day.  So poor Keegan had to bring me to Walmart..and we got this fish .. and i named her Madeline Dory.  I feed my fishy once a day.. and when i am at the store.. mama looks after my fishy for me.  But Keegan will help me clean up the fishy.. when it is dirty.

Home Office For My Mama

My mama worked alot at home and even though she had planned to renovate the basement for Papa’s playroom.. i know she wants a home office there too.  That way, she can turn the computer room into a guest room.. so that when Grammie comes to babysit.. she can have the computer room .. to sleep in.  Maybe.. Papa will surprised mama with her own home office.

Health & The Store

At our store.. we have many customers and one of my favourite people who is also a friend . .is called Gary.  Gary don’t visit anymore.. because he doesn’t feel well these days.  I can’t wait till he is better .. so that he can come play with me again.  My mama said.. that Gary is getting better now..and does not have mesothelioma a type of cancer that currently has no cure for.  So every nite i pray . “dear God.. please let everyone be healthy including Gary” Amen..!

Dancing For Mama

I was visiting mama in the hospital.. last week.. and i danced for her.. to make her happy. And we also wanted to try out the new camera that papa bought.. but he wouldn’t let me play with it. He said it was too expensive. Plus i lost the camera he bought me a month ago. Bummer..!