Mama Got Beautiful Skin

I’ll kiss my mama anything.. because she doesn’t have acne .. and never need to use any acne products.  I wouldn’t kiss papa all the time.. because sometimes he doesn’t shaved.  I kissed Keegan all the time too.. because she is like grammie.. and doesn’t have any acne either.  Grampie doesn’t have acne.. but he always has prickly beard.. and i don’t like it.

On A Project Again

My papa is fixing up the basement and his entertainment room, well .. actually not yet.. but he is pricing up the materials from Home Hardware.. and that usually means.. he wants to do some work.  He said.. it puts more value in the house.. or something of that sort.  In order to bring all those material home, I think Papa is gonna have to get a  truck rental since we don’t have a truck.  But i’m thinking maybe Grampie can help.. since Grampie has one.

Keegan Cooking For Me

This is Keegan .. cooking for me. She is cooking my favorite chinese noodles and she is the only one who knows how to do it right for me… with luncheon meat too. I took Keegan’s picture by surprised here. Keegan plays with me alot.. and let me do anything i want… except being bad. Keegan is the only one that gives me time out.. when i am bad.

Fun At The Beach

I had so much fun with Grammie at the beach. We played on the sand. then in the water.. for a long time. Grammie had quite a worked out.. yesterday. I bet she slept good yesterday. .but i only went to bed at midnite.. and was still fighting to sleep. Mama wasn’t too impressed with me. I wanna go have fun in the beach again with Grammie. I was all wet from the sea water.. and had to change after i went back to Grammie house about a few minutes from Port Maitland beach. Mama can’t play with us.. because she was still recovering from her surgeries.. and Papa was too lazy to get wet.

Keegan & My Summer 2008

I will always remember my summer with Keegan. She is my best friend… and i love her very much. She brings me everywhere she goes.. to the waterfront.. and to exhibitions.. and for rides.. and slides. We do everything together. Mama said.. she donch know what she is gonna do.. when Keegan goes away for nursing school. I think i am gonna cry .. when Keegan goes to school. Keegan had been babysitting me since i was like 1.5 yrs old.

Ciara’s Mummy

Yesterday.. Ciara and her mummy and grampie and grammie came to visit us at the store.  Mama teased Ciara’s mummy about her jiggly tummy .. and that she needed some weight loss pills because she wasn’t moving outta the couch. Ciara’s mummy is only 18 yrs old.. and she is already bigger than my mama.  Mama always said.. it’s not healthy to be so big.. so she doesn’t like me eating junk food.

Playing At The Waterfront

Yes..! i was out last nite with my babysitter .. Keegan again.. playing at the waterfront with her friends.  I wanted to play hide and seek .. but her friends said.. they were too tired.. of running. .and i said.. hide and seek wasn’t running.  It was just counting and hiding.. so they all went to hide for me… but i found them.  One of the friend need some acne treatment cream because he had acne all over his face.  Maybe mama can recommend him something.

After Vaccine Needles

A day after my vaccine needles i had fever.. but i feel better already. But my babysitter Keegan and my daddy and mama took really good care of me. My mama gave special instructions to everyone.. not to bump into me.. and let me rest.. and let me eat what i want.. and not force me not to eat anything i didn’t want. I feel alot better after 2 days.. and am able to run about with Dominic.. my friend.. and gone to the bank and waterfront with Keegan. Mama said .. Keegan and Papa did a good job taking care of me.