Monkey Me

This is the new toy that my school playground acquired like a week ago.  You see how well.. i climbed on it already..??  Before i would never do anything like that.. but after I went to school.. i loved doing all sorts of things.  I liked school.. but i wished i get more play time after school.  Wait .. mama will be driving soon. .so she can pick me up from school.. and i can stay longer.

I’m going to be able to climb right to the top soon.. you just watched.. before then end of the week.

I Have To Go, We Have A Store

Everyday after school, Papa comes to school to pick me up . .while mama looks after the store.  I would much prefer for mama to come to pick me up too.. because I get very happy.  But if mama don’t come and pick me up.. i get to play more .. because Papa don’t have to rush back to the store.  When mama comes.. i tell my friends.. that I have to go.. because we have a store . .to look after.  And with being so busy.. my papa wants to go into a franchise.  Boy..!!  I’ll have no time to play with my friends then.

My Pet Shop

We stayed home on Sunday. .and played pet shop the whole day.  I wasn’t feeling good still. .and the rain was coming down hard.  Mama didn’t want me to get wet and more sick.. so we stayed home. . and i bought all my dogs. and pets.. and make papa buy stuff from my pet shop.  I’m a good pet owner.. as you can see.. i put them all in my bed.. and make them looked pretty.

Me and my pet shop.  Mama said next time.. i should invite my friends from school to come play.  Maybe Dominic will come and play pets with me too .. but I’ve gotta get well first.


I had a fever again last nite..and sent mama into a panic mode again.  Since we were expecting the Hurricane the next day, papa had to rush out to get medication .. just in case.  I already had a fever earlier this week and stayed home from school for 2 days.  So if my fever continues, I will have to stay home again.

My Best Friend

Dominic came to visit me the other day .. because we haven’t seen each other for a long time, since i need to go home by 5pm the days i have to go to school.  But on Wednesday, it was in – service, our teachers went for a meeting , so Dominic came to visit and we played for a few minutes.

For those who don’t know, Dominic and I grew up together.  His mama and my mama gave birth to us at the same time and attended the same pre-natal class.  Dominic’s mama works at Wells Fargo .. and it’s just beside our store.

Mama said .. this picture is priceless..!!  15 yrs later..  i can look back .. and see if Dominic is still in my life.  Mama said people come and go but she hopes I keep Dominic as a friend for a long time.

Virtual Money For Virtual Game

My papa as you know owns his own game store in Y-town and if he knows that there are free habbo credits to earn, you can be sure he will be the first one to check it out.  So mama and I checked out this place where you can participate in games, do surveys & tasks and enter contests to earn this virtual money from metaRL virtual worlds.

If you are into gaming like my papa, you would love this site and you can start earning metaPoints which can be converted or transfered to your favorite online world. You can also request for a payout to be sent to your Secondlife account which my papa has.   Is there a way to to earn more virtual money..?? And do you need to register to start..??  I’ll have to get my papa to check it out.  If you already did, let me know.

Parents & Teachers Meet Today

My mama & papa went for our school first parents and teachers meet today.. and this is really new to them . .but they had fun.. and they met some of my other teachers.  Madame also told Mama & Papa how i’m doing in class and we also learned that Madame stays in school till very late to prepare our school work for the next day.  Mama and Papa thinks that Madame is a very good teacher.

This is my classroom.

This is some of the painting we did at school.

This is my pretty Principal, Mrs McNutt.

Our School Guardian Counselor

The Parents in the Gym.

The library.

Mama & Last One Standing

You guess right..!! my mama is watching a new tvb cantonese series again.  And since I’m feeling alot better today, she can watch it now.  And if you want the links to Last One Standing Episode 1 and Episode 2, mama’s entertainment blog has it.  Just hop over..and give her a shout. Have fun.. and enjoy..!! because mama said.. this is just as good as Moonlight Resonance series.

I Am Sick

I’m sick today and can’t go to school.  Mama and I are staying at home and we won’t be going to the store.  I have a fever, sore throat and stuffy nose.  Today is photo taking day at school.. and i’m gonna missed it.  Mama said.. she will check with my teacher tomorrow to see if we can go to the photo studio to get it taken.  I took all my medication .. but just don’t feel like eating alot.  I’m supposed to drink lots of water but I don’t feel like it.