Off Pedder Episode 10 & Swimming Lessons

Mama said i have to get some exercise even though winter is coming and it is gonna be cold.  So she wants me to go to YMCA with Keegan my babysitter.. to swim in the heated pool.  I have a swimsuit that my grammie bought for me.. when she went to the city.  Mama said she can watch her favorite tvb shows like Off Pedder on her entertainment blog :

Gem Of Life Episode 10 & Happy Halloween In School

Mama’s watching Gem of Life Episode 10 and I’m preparing to go to school in my Halloween Costume.  This year.. i’m a princess .. and last year.. i was a bunny rabbit. Do you like my Halloween costume..?? i love being a princess.

I’m eating my breakfast..before going to school.  I wake up at 7.15am.. and i have some milky .. with cereal… like fruit loops.. and then i changed to my costume. .and then i brush my teeth .. before going to school.

Yay..!! i ready for school now..!!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN .. EVERYONE..!! mama and daddy prepared a cake and lots of treats for my school friends.

Learn French With Me

I’m getting really good with my french now.. and i do get prizes from my teacher for doing good and being good.  Like sticker books .. and barbie stuff.  Here are some french words I know.

Des Ciseaux (scissors)

Un casier (bookshelf)

une boite a diner (lunch box)

un chevalet (painting)

des marionettes (puppet)

un autobus (school bus)

un taille crayon (crayons)

Hope you have as much fun as I had.  I am enjoying school a lot… and I tell my mama that everyday.  Today, mama and papa will be going to school to have a meeting with my teacher and Mrs Fuller and the speech therapist.

Donavan’s 6 Birthday

This is me… attending a party on Sunday..!! it was my classmate’s birthday.. and his name is Donavan.  It was at McDonald’s .. where his Papa works.  I was happy to be there.  Let me tell you the story of the party.

I had my face painted.. by a gal who works at McDonald’s.

And then i painted with washable color pens.

And then I had french fries.

And I also had apple juice.  I do have nuggets too.. but i changed my mind.. and didn’t eat it at all.  Mama said it was alright.. because she didn’t want me to throw up.  So i finished my fries.. and half the juice.

Then i played Bingo .. i guess Mcdonald’s here is training us to be gamblers.. muahahhaa!!

Donavan’s mummy was the one who invited me.. and i thank her.. for inviting me for the party.  I was good, mama said.. i had good manners.

We played ..  passing the present.. and i didn’t win a prize.. but that’s alright.

This is me.. and the birthday boy.. DONAVAN..!!  Yay..!! for Donavan..!!!

This is Donavan’s birthday cake.. ! i think it has to do with the Transformer theme.. because he loves the Transformer.. and everyone gave him transformers for his presents.

A priceless picture of Donavan licking the frosting outta his toy car.


Mama Is Watching When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West Episode 2

Mama’s watching When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West Episode 2 and if you want to watch it, mama said to go over to her entertainment blog to see it.. it’s really a good show. Mama and I watched Episode 1 yesterday.. and mama said .. this is going to be her favorite besides the Gem of Life of course.

Special Mini Cards For School

Mama Ordered This Cards

Chocolate Log MiniCards

for my school and my school friends.. so that if she meets another mama, she can give these to my friend’s mamas.  That way, they know how to contact mama if they wanna arranged for playdates, birthdays invites or just about anything.  I can’t wait to see them com.  They are coming all the way from UK.

In the meantime, if you want to watch When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West Episode 1, you should check out my mama’s entertainment blog, she has all sorts of movies there, even English ones.

The Gem Of Life Episode 6 & then Brushing My Teeth

Mama put me to sleep every nite now.. and we read our story books first.. and then watch the Gem of Life Episode 6, the new tvb chinese series that mama love so much.  Then i brush my teeth after that.. before sleeping.  I brushed my teeth twice a day now.. instead of just once because i go to school now.  In the morning before i go to school.. and just at nite before going to bed after I drank my milky.  Mama said.. i have to do it now.. because she doesn’t want to put me thru’ what they did at the hospital.  Putting me to sleep at the hospital made mama really sad.. she doesn’t want it to happen again.  So i listened to mama .. and i brush my teeth every nite and every morning.  If you want to watch Gem of Life Episode 6, just go over to my mama’s entertainment blog, she has the link there.. or you can choose to watch directly on her blog.

Coffee For Mama

My mama is always drinking coffee as soon as she gets to work.. at the store.  Luckily, we have a Tim Hortons just a few doors away .. from our store, else winter can be really hard on Papa & Keegan who goes and get her coffee.  I say.. mama should own her own coffee franchises that way, she can have all the coffee she wants. .and delivered to her .. at the store.   Mama said i was really silly.