When Easterly Showers Falls On The Sunny West Episode 25

When Easterly Showers Falls On The Sunny West Episode 25 is ready to download at mama’s blog..  and if you want to watch it.. she said to come back abit later.  So go over to mama’s blog for the link.. while i get ready for my bowling birthday party..!! YAY..!!  yes.. i’m celebrating my 5th birthday today..!!

Party Dress

This is my party dress for Ruby’s birthday.

Mama bought this for me.. for my birthday.. but i insisted on wearing this for Ruby’s party today at Jungle Jims .. and wearing the Island Princess dress for my birthday.  Mama said .. i looked like a mini-business woman here but i do love my dress.. and i’m gonna wear it for school on Monday.  woohoo..!!

Gem Of Life Episode 30 @ Mama’s Blog

Mama said to let you know .. that she has Gem Of Life Episode 30 on her entertainment blog .. she also has Gem of Life Episode 29 as well.  Yes, 2 episodes in one day.  Go , hurry and watch on Mama’s blog.  You don’t know what her blog is..?? No worries.. i’ll tell yer .. it’s www.crazychinesewoman.com.  Ok .. I have to get ready to bathe now.

In the meantime, can you pretty, pretty please visit my sponsors.  Please .. please please..  🙂  thank you!

I Was Bawling My Eyes Out Again

Yes.. ! i was at it again .. this morning.. and didn’t want to go to school.  Mama was at the verge of breakdown.. and didn’t know what to do with me.  It had been more than a week .. since i last went to school happily.  I kept saying .. that I love my mama .. but mama said .. that wasn’t a reason .. because she comes pick me up everyday.  And then mama got really mad.. and so did daddy, they finally sent me to school.. i cried a little.. and my teacher brought me to gym.. and mama and papa came to visit during break time.  But mama said .. she wasn’t gonna buy me any new bed frames for my birthday because I was being bad.

The Principal Called Mama

The Principal, Mrs McNutt had to call mama to come to school.. because i was bawling my eyes out .. and going hysterical because i thought mama said she was going to come get me right away after she opened the store.  But Mrs McNutt explained to me.. that the store will only be opened after lunch.. so I must have heard wrongly. Mama and Papa came to school.. but i had already calmed right down.  So mama went home .. for abit.

Gem Of Life Episode 28 & I Still Don’t Wanna Go To School

Gem Of Life Episode 28 link is up for you at Mama’s entertainment blog.  Hop over and download it for yourself.. while i go to school.  It’s frosting outside.. but not cold.  I am still having my little “I don’t want to go to school” fever .. but mama said she will pick me up from school when she opens the store.  I brought my new dolly to school.. the one that mama bought for me.. yesterday at Superstore.. i will ask mama to take a picture and show it to you later.

Feeling Better

I was feeling better already on Monday.. after my puking and diarhea on Sunday.  But mama kept me at home for another day.. just to be sure.  So after going to the store for a few hours for fresh air.. i went home and play with my playdoh.  This is what i made.. and mama was so proud of me.

My Christmas Tree Cutter

See pretty eh.

Ta-da..!! me and my creation.

Gem Of Life Episode 27

Gem Of Life Episode 27 is ready to watch and download it yourself.  Mama said that she had been watching so many chinese shows..she is going to get so fat .. hhahahaha!!! my mama is funny…!!!  but then papa said.. never mind.. use Leptorexin and she will never worry about putting on weight.. in which mama smack papa’s hand.  Yes.. !! my parents are weird..!! hahhahaha!!!  Well.. if you want to watch the show.. go head over to my mama’s entertainment blog.

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West Episode 22 & I’m Still Sick

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West Episode 22 links is up @ mama’s blog to download.  But I’m still sick and staying at home.  Last nite .. i didn’t let mama or papa sleep.. because I woke up crying non-stop for 1 hr.  I could not tell mama what was going on .. but mama slept in the tv room with me on the floor the whole nite.