Gem Of Life Episode 26

Mama wants me to tell you that she got Gem of Life Episode 26 even though she is looking after me.. since I am sick.  So just go over to mama’s entertainment blog .. and watch it there.  Mama said.. downloading was really quick today.. and you can watch it online too .. if you liked.  Mama said i should just rest today and tomorrow… and feel better.

Sick & In Hospital For 6 Hours

I had diarheaa and was throwing up since 8am.  We went to the hospital at 1am.. and didn’t get to see the doctor till about 6.45pm.  2 mins later.. no medication, he told mama and papa to give me fluids and BRAT diet… and wait it out.  If i am any worst to bring me back to the hospital.  What a waste of our time ..!!  I am having a fever now.  I don’t feel like eating but am drinking some water, had a freezie .. and some tylenol.

Gem Of Life Episode 25 & Meet The Parent’s Day

Gem Of Life Episode 25 link is up for watching.. but mama don’t have the online version yet because she is getting ready for the Meet the Parent’s Day.  I will be going to the store.. and be with Keegan and help her to decorate the window at the store.  Today I had no tummy ache.. because there is no school and my hives is not so bad either.  Mama said.. she is gonna watch me for the next few days.

Decorating The Town’s Christmas Tree

We went to decorate the town’s christmas tree today with my teacher.  It was snowing out .. but i had fun.  I even have a new big friend.. who took care of me.. when we walked from the school to the town’s christmas tree.  I had an awesome time.

See that’s me arriving at the town hall .. with my Christmas decoration that I made in class with my teacher.

See me all red from the cold.. and closing my eyes so the snow flakes don’t get in my eyes.

Me and my school friend.. like a big sister in school who took care of me .. for this trip.  She’s nice.. !!!

That’s Mika my friend.. who always hugs and carries me.

Me playing with the snow.

A picture with Santa .. and the rest of the class and some from other grades.

Gem Of Life Episode 22 & I Came Home From School

Mama was late with giving out the link to Gem of Life Episode 22 because I got the teachers to call mama to pick me up from school.  I told my teachers I wasn’t feeling good… but i felt alright as soon as I got back.  So mama said she wasn’t impressed with me at all.  And I wasn’t allowed to watch tv or play, i had to do writing and learning of words.  Anyway, if you want to watch Gem of Life Episode 22, just hop over to my mama’s blog.

Sarah’s Jungle Jim Birthday

This is my friend, Sarah – the good one now..!! donch mistaken as the Evil one.. kekekkee!!!  Sarah turned 6 on Sunday.. and she is my longest friend.. because Mama said .. we were friends.. even before i came out from mama’s tummy.  I don’t get to see Sarah very much.. she is very shy outta her house.. but when we are in her house.. she is awesome..!!  mama should make some play date arrangements for us.

The birthday was in Jungle Jim’s .. my favorite place..!!  and we had our face painted as you can see. Mine is a rainbow.. and of course .. the rest of the gals.. they had other drawings too.

Most of the gals there are Sarah’s friend.. and there was only one that i recognized from Isabella’s birthday.  This gal had a heart shape drawn on her face.  Isn’t she cute.. with the heart on her face.

This girl had a heart in a pencil like crayon. But mama said .. she was so smart.. and cute too.

This gal had a rainbow like me..!! woohoo..!! Look at her eyeglasses.. so awesome eh..??/ mama said.. she wanna get one just like hers.

Then we had a game of passing the Monkey ! and i won first..!! i had a ring.

After this game.. we had a game of animal bingo.  Mama said this is better than the bingo they had in McDonald.

This is me trying to figure out the animal bingo.

See .. here everyone is concentrating on which animals is coming out next.

And here .. we are all eating.  Most of us had fries.. and some had rice and sandwiches.. i had nuggets, fries and apple juice.  But i only ate the fries.. and refused to eat the nuggets.  Mama wasn’t too impressed with it.

This is Sarah’s birthday cake.  It was yummy..!!!

Sarah opening her presents.

And this is my present for Sarah.  Happy birthday .. Sarah..!!!  Thank you for inviting me.. ! donch forget my birthday on the 30th November 2008 @ the bowling alley.

Club Z Tutoring Services

My mama said that she wished she could get a tutor for me because the teachers in school think I need help in certain areas.  If only we had a Club Z here, it’s a one on one tutoring program, now that would be awesome.  Mama said they’ve helped over 100,000 students improve their grades thru’ building up self confidence and productive study skills.  So if you are like me and need some help in school, check out ClubZ.

Math Club

I don’t know if Mama told you this .. but as of last week.. i joined our school Math Club.  I liked it a lot and it is on every Wednesday after school.  Mama wasn’t too happy last week with the Math Club . .because after the club.. they didn’t let us wait in class.. and because Mama wasn’t there yet since they had to park on the other side of the school because they thought i was in class… i was in the playground on my own.  Luckily.. !! Mika’s mummy was around.. and stayed with me.. till mama came.  So anyhow.. I am still going for Math Club this week.. but Mama is gonna talk to my teacher about the safety issue.

Auntie Lara

Auntie Lara is mama’s oldest friend in New York City.  She love to send me stuff from New York.. but she is moving to Manhattan soon. .and wouldn’t be able to get me the stuff that i like in New York City.  She had gotten a job by posting her resume at  Manhattan resumes.  She said there were plenty of jobs there. . and it’s really easy to get matched with the right employers.  Mama said.. we won’t visit Aunti Lara anytime soon. .because we have to let her settle down first.