Present From Sherri

This is a present from Sherri, our friend and customer at our store.  She is very nice. .and always buys me goodies.  When she went to Orlando, Florida last year.. she bought me a minnie mouse hat.  I made mama let me open one present .. on Christmas eve.. and this was what i chose to open.

See .. i’m feeding my baby.  This baby can crawl .. and laugh when you tickle her.  I called her Belle.

I’m A Rocker

Phil and Brenda ( Keegan’s parents) bought me a real guitar for Christmas.. !!!  I love it..!! and i’ve been wanting this for years now.   They are so nice to me.. Brenda i like a lot .. Phil .. he teases me so much.  But all i have to do is tell Brenda .. and she will ask Phil to stop.

Now i can have my own rock band with Keegan

Keegan plays the guitar too..  and she had been learning it for years.. and also giving lessons.  So Phil said she has to teach me now.

GingerBread Trees For Our Friends/Customers

I decorated gingerbread trees for our friends and customers.. and was hoping that Savannah would come decorate with me.  But mama said.. i may have frightened Savannah yesterday.. because i was bawling so loud yesterday.. when Savannah had to leave and can’t play London Bridge with me.  I gave out all my gingerbread trees .. to everyone who came into our store today.. and made Keegan eat lots of it.  Mama said .. lucky she didn’t have to eat it .. else she will need the best weight loss pills.  Muahahah!! silly mama!!

Buy A Ticket & Win A Wii (Raising Funds For Home & School)

Buy A Ticket & Win A Wii (Raising Funds For Home & School) was something that my mama & daddy promoted at our store.. to help raise funds for Home & School.  We sold a total of 60 books and each book had 3 tickets.  For each ticket it cost $2 and if you buy 3 tickets it is only $5.  Yes.. !! we raised a lot of money .. about $300 !!

Today, a customer came in to tell us that his mother won the Wii – Congratulations to MARY KEEPINGS..!! woohoo..!!!  Unfortunately, we didn’t sell the winning tickets.. but you know how popular my mama  and daddy are .. they know everything.. even before the school inform them.  Anyhow, it is all in the name of a good cause and we are happy to help.  Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket. .and for those who didn’t.. next time eh.

PS :  If you want to share some Christmas Giving, please support our PENNY 4 PLAYGROUND mission to help raise fund for my school playground before Christmas.

My First Report Card

Mama received my first report card last week.. and overall, the teachers think that I am doing alright, just that i need more work done.  But Mama thinks I’m doing pretty well. .considering this is my first year in any kind of school.  So Mama said not to fret.. because I know stuff that my teacher never even taught me yet.. like the volcanoes don’t give out water but something hot and bad.

But my teacher said in my report card that i am a pleasure to have in class and that i follow all classroom rules and contributes positively to the overall classroom environment.  She also said that i was often dependent on my classmates for direction in completing a task.  I also have some difficulty in dealing with certain concepts and that I had improved a lot since the beginning of the year.  My teacher also said i work well in class on my own and in group settings.  I am able to remain focused on the task given.  The teachers will thus continue to work closely with me. Papa had replied and commented on my report card, that given the old rules, i wouldn’t have started school, so the teachers had to take that into consideration.  I am not 5 yrs old yet, only at the end of the week, i turn 5 officially. See i’m pretty cool… and helped my mama with the Christmas tree for 2 years now.

Visit To The Hospital

Mama rushed me to see Dr Zia at the hospital yesterday .. because she thought i had an ulcer in my throat. And we were darn lucky to get in to see Dr Zia immediately.  Mama said.. it’s a miracle.. but you know how my mama is .. she can be quite dramatic.. if you let her.  Doctor Zia said i was ok..  and it was just another cold.. but he gave me a big box of kid’s tylenol , mama said.. it was Christmas present from Dr Zia.. what a silly mama i have.  But she also said.. if only Dr Zia had some sample alli to give her.. now that would be perfect.