Buy A Ticket & Win A Wii (Raising Funds For Home & School)

Buy A Ticket & Win A Wii (Raising Funds For Home & School) was something that my mama & daddy promoted at our store.. to help raise funds for Home & School.  We sold a total of 60 books and each book had 3 tickets.  For each ticket it cost $2 and if you buy 3 tickets it is only $5.  Yes.. !! we raised a lot of money .. about $300 !!

Today, a customer came in to tell us that his mother won the Wii – Congratulations to MARY KEEPINGS..!! woohoo..!!!  Unfortunately, we didn’t sell the winning tickets.. but you know how popular my mama  and daddy are .. they know everything.. even before the school inform them.  Anyhow, it is all in the name of a good cause and we are happy to help.  Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket. .and for those who didn’t.. next time eh.

PS :  If you want to share some Christmas Giving, please support our PENNY 4 PLAYGROUND mission to help raise fund for my school playground before Christmas.

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