Gem Of Life Episode 36 Is Ready To Watch!!

Mama said .. Gem of Life Episode 36 is ready to watch.. on her entertainment blog.  So hop over and watch it right now and if you love mama’s blog, remember to support my school’s playground project.  PENNY 4 PLAYGROUND is me raising fund to pay for my school playground.  So help me raise funds.. any amount is not too small.  Please give generously.. and let me and my friends have a great playground for many more years to come.

Mama’s Cooking Tonight

I’m a fussy eater and it makes it really hard for mama to cook for me.. because there are just too many things i wouldn’t eat.  But mama is trying to make something new with some mulberry sauce from some Mulberry trees today for me to try.   But as usual.. i don’t like to try new things.. but mama said the sauce was really good, she might cook this for Christmas this year. Mama said mulberries only contain about 10% sugar, therefore it is good for her diabetes too. And they taste great with Chocolate cakes and puddings and even pie.

Gem Of Life Episode 34 @ mama’s blog

We are at the store right now.. even on Sundays.. because it is Christmas time.  Mama said to let you know .. she found Gem of Life Episode 34 for you to watch, so hop over now.. and check it out.  In the meantime, don’t forget to support my fund raising mission for my school’s playground – Penny For Playground, check it out on mama’s blog too.

My 5th Birthday @ Bowling Alley

I’m preparing for my birthday party here.. held on the 30th November .. because mama said.. it’s better to have it earlier.. since 19th December is so close to Christmas. And usually at that time, weather here can get really tricky .. or else everyone is too busy with Christmas shopping.  So this year.. mama said.. she was doing it smart.. and having it at the end of November.. and for every year too.

Keegan and Phil (keegan’s papa) doing up the balloon for my party at the bowling alley.

Me playing with the balloons while i wait for my friends to show up for my party.

Food for the party

Sandwiches made by Keegan and her friend, Tara for my friends and me.

Bowling alley where i had my birthday party. Mama said it’s a retro bowling alley unlike the ones she has back home.

Yay..!! my friends are here.. and we are starting to bowl already.  When i first came into the bowling alley.. i ran into the lanes.. and started to bowl.. on someone else’s birthday party .. muahahhaha!! papa had to get me out of the other person’s lane… mama said it was so funny.. but i do like bowling yer know.

See my friends bowling too.  They are so good at it.

I am bowling too..!!  with Skye’s special bowling ball.  Skye’s daddy is very kind.. and brought out some of my favorite color balls.  And everyone loved it too.. everyone wanted the pink cute ball.

This is Dominic .. my boyfriend.  He came for my birthday too.. 🙂  we all liked Dominic very much.  Her mama is always nice to me too.

And more of my friends from school.  This is another Chloe .. and Mika in black.

Here we have Isabella & Mikayla, they are from my French Class. Isabella’s mama is from Australia.  More on my party .. later..  🙂

Gem Of Life Episode 32 & A Trip To The City

Mama is planning a trip to the city.. just before Christmas .. so she can get her chinese food stock up, of course, this trip is nothing like going to Las Vegas .. whereby you need the las vegas strip map , Halifax is really small .. unlike Vegas.  But mama said.. she will continue to find the links for Gem of Life Episode 32 onwards .. for everyone to watch.  So if you are watching the show.. check out my mama’s entertainment blog at www. for the links.

Ruby’s Birthday @ Jungle Jims

Ruby my friend from school turned 6 on Saturday..   🙂  she had her birthday party at Jungle Jims .. and i was invited..!! woohoo..!!  Happy birthday .. Ruby..!!  you’re a big gal now..  🙂

Ruby all happy .. after her face was painted..  🙂  Ruby is the star today..!!

These are my friends from school too.. who attended the party.  We have Isabella, Ella, Ashley and me at the corner.

See .. i got my face painted too..!!

And then we played some games.

And here I am playing blindfold.. at Ruby’s birthday party.  Thank you Ruby.. for inviting me.  I had a great time.  My birthday party pictures will be coming up really soon.  In the meantime.. please help me raise fund for my school playground and visit my sponsors on the side bars.  Thank you very much.