I’m Sick Again

I’m sick again.. after going to school for 1 day.  I have a fever of 103 degree . . and we headed to see my doctor.  Although he said.. i should eat something . .i just don’t feel like eating.  I’m coughing.. and dizzy. . and sweating right now.  Watching a tv show while mama try to get me to eat.. till she is upset.. because I had been wasting food she said.

Mama said she will buy this for me.. if i eat.  I’m such a brat she said.  But i’m not feeling good.

Missing My Teacher & Friends

This is not a good week for me.. ! i got sick.. a fever and hacking cough.. and drippy nose.  And then my caps came off last nite.. and freaked me right out.  There were cavaties under my caps.. and when mama called my dentist.. to let them know. they were rather snotty about it. Mama said.. when in Singapore.. you never get this kinda treatment.

I missed my teachers and my new friends.. and cannot wait to go back to school.,  I had been home for 5 days now.. and i want to go back to school on Wednesday.  I started eating a bit more today.. so mama said.. maybe …. i will be well enough to go to school.  Oh btw.. mama wants to put me to dancing school in March .. i can’t wait to wear my tu-tu dress.. like Skyle..  🙂 Oh.. and keegan is sick again.. mama said .. she donch know if i passed my cold to Keegan or Keegan passed the cold to me.. but i think it is me.. who passed the cold to Keegan.

Today Is Not A Good Day

I told mama today is not a good day for me because I’m sick with fever, cold and cough.  My nose is stuffy.. and i didn’t get to go to school because my temperature was really high.  Mama and I stayed home the whole day. .and in the afternoon the fever still wasn’t taming down, mama was prepared to bring me to see Dr Zia .. but i didn’t want to go.  Keegan didn’t come babysit today and didn’t call mama or papa up, so since mama was also sick, daddy closed shop earlier to come home to be with me at about 8.30pm instead of 9pm.  Papa went to get some medication from Pharmasave for me .. and someone showed him the best diet pill he can get for people who needs it.

Mama Wants To Go Home

Mama had been saying she wants to go home to Singapore because she misses home and her food from home.  I think she is looking out for travel deals , so that she can get some good deals on her flight home because they can get very expensive.  So if you know of some cheap flights . .for all of us.. to go home to Singapore.. don’t forget to let my mama know.

I Was Being Bad

I didn’t have to go to school today.. because i now go to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  So today we headed to the store and Mama brought me to Pharmasave to see if they had any paper towels.  But instead i saw a cute beanie .. that i wanted to get but mama said she didn’t bring enough money.. so we went back to the store to get some.

When we got back to the store.. mama said.. we have to wait abit.. so that she can get rested.. and we can go and get the beanie.. but i said i wanted to go now.. and started crying.  Papa went to the basement to do some stuff.. and mama got mad with me. .when i started to cry.  And then Gary came.. and i got distracted.. and stopped crying.

Mama didn’t get the beanie for me.. until much later.. and explained to me, that i cannot behave this way. .that the next time i cried like this.. i won’t be getting nothing for a while.  Mama asked papa to bring me to Pharmasave to get the beanie.. after that.  Here’s my beanie. .that i love so much now. .and will be sleeping with it.. and bringing to school with me.

The Magic Warble

I love my reading and drawing a lot, and mama & papa buy me lots of story books from the mall.  So when mama showed me this picture of  The Magic Warble, I asked her what is the story about.   Mama said it’s  about a little girl who met some new friends (dwarfs and fairies) and and went on a wondrous journey, testing her strength and her heart.  She isn’t as little as I am, so mama said this book is actually Juvenile fiction written by a Canadian called Victoria Simcox.  Since I’m Canadian too, mama said we’ll have to support our Canadian writers for sure.  If you have kids like 10 yrs old and above, this is a great story book to buy them for their birthdays, Easter or even next Christmas.   Reading is fun! I told mama to buy this book now, so that we can read it together when I am older.  You can buy it directly from Victoria Simcox or buy it online from Amazon.

Mika Came To Visit

Mika from my old school came by to say hello with her mummy.   My mama said i wasn’t being nice..  because i didn’t let Mika play with my toys.  But i explained to mama that it was because i wanna do my crossword puzzles.  We didn’t get to play a lot because it was very busy at the store today.. and mama got lots of work to do.  I don’t feel so well tonite.. and hopefully i am not getting sick, because Mika is coming to play again tomorrow.. while her mummy do her nails at Auntie Rosa’s.  But mama will call Isabella’s mama to let Mika’s mama know if i don’t feel well.. because Mika just recovered from her cold.. and mama said we shouldn’t make Mika sick again.

Chinese Noodles

Mama got a whole bunch of chinese noodles from a blogging friend.. and i’ve been savoring them.. everyday.  And we even have mushrooms too … and I had been eating them too.  The grocery stores are great here.. and uses modern  POS scanners.. but they don’t have the Chinese food we like.   I told mama she has the bestest friends in the world.  And whoever you are .. who sent us those mushrooms and noodles.. thank you very much.. from the bottom of our heart.

I Made A Paper Necklace At School

I love school now.. and mama said.. i never cry anymore.. and never make her wave like forever.  When we arrive at school.. Papa help me to remove my jacket and all while mama chats with my teachers.. and we hugged and mama and papa leaves. I made a paper necklace of different shapes today at school. .and mama wore it.. when i came back from school.

PS:  These days.. i also do homework at home.. because mama said.. i need to know all these before going back to school this fall. For those who are not aware of this.. i can even call Papa at work from a cell phone now.