I didn’t Sleep Early Enough

I didn’t go to bed early enough.. and ended up not waking up to go to school.  Mama let me sleep in because she wasn’t feeling so good either.. from her operation at 8 months ago… so she wanted to rest more.  Keegan is still sick.. she didn’t call.. and mama was wondering for a long time if she was coming.  When she did turn up with her daddy .. she said she wasn’t feeling good enough.. so she went home again.   But never mind.. it’s good to be with mama again tonite.. even though mama can’t bathe me again.. because she was spotting.   And Aunt Helena came back from Toronto today.. and visited me for abit.

Sick Again !!

Oh man..!!! i’m sick again..!!

Running nose.. and stuffy nose..!! and i didn’t go to school again.  I’ve been waking up at 3.38am .. for the past 3 nites.. and mama gotta sleep on the floor.  I don’t know why i am sick again.. but it is surely not fun.  But i did eat some noodles for lunch.. and i quit junke food.

No Diapers & No Pee Again

No diapers and no pee again .. last nite.  I asked mama if she was proud of me.. and mama said.. YES..!! very proud.. and then i asked mama if she was gonna buy me presents with the money that i’m saving on diapers.. she said yes too.   But mama didn’t buy me a present.. she bought me a shoe and a jeans. .that was on sale.  Mama said.. she is el cheapo.. and only buy things that are on sale.  But papa said.. mama isn’t el cheapo..she just spends her money wisely.

My pretty purple shoes to go with my purple pants.  Are you wondering why i have different color socks..??  it’s because this is my latest fetish.. but i call it my little fashion mode as of now.

On A Storm Day

On a storm day like yesterday, Papa and I will stay home and play on our xbox 360.  I’m into Lego batman.. and so is Papa but Mama never plays with games.. because she is busy working.. on the computer.. or busy cooking or cleaning the house.  But this is me.. in my Jammies.. and with my wireless controller… look at the turtle over on the side, Keegan – my babysitter gave it to me.

No School

If there was school today.. it would have been cancelled because of the weather.  We already have 2 days .. whereby they cancelled school.  Mama said.. the 1st one was a joke. . but the one today… she can understand it.. because it was raining freezing rain.

“A winter storm has prompted officials to close several schools today. The Tri-County Regional School Board is announcing a Regional Shut down today – all schools in the TCRSB are closed for the day. The CSAP has cancelled classes in both Clare and Argyle for today. NSCC Burridge and Shelburne campusses are closed for today. A winter storm watch is in effect today for Yarmouth, Shelburne and Digby counties. A complex low pressure system will approach the region from the west today. Snow ahead of this system is expected to begin early this morning over extreme southwest regions and into Cape Breton this evening. Strong easterly winds with gusts up to 80 km/h are forecast to spread from west to east across the region during the day today giving a period of blowing and drifting snow. Those easterly winds are expected to gust up to 130 km/h over northern Cape Breton from Margaree Harbour to Bay St Lawrence tonight. Snowfall amounts with this system are expected to be in the 10 to 15 centimetres range.”

No Diapers and No Pee

Mama is very proud of me.. because i didn’t wear diapers.. and i didn’t pee last nite.. and i slept the whole nite.  Mama said that’s an awesome milestone.. even though .. i never peed in my diapers for a long, long time.  Now every nite.. when i donch have to go to school the next day.. mama is gonna try not letting me wear any diapers.. and maybe soon.. i won’t have to wear diapers no more.  I will feel confident enough .. soon .. i hope.

Registered For School

Mama called up the school to register me for Grade Primary again this year during fall.  This year.. mama is starting early .. unlike last year.. where she didn’t know very much.  This year.. mama said we will be visiting South Centennial.. as well as Meadow Fields.. so that we have different options, they are afraid..i won’t want to go back to my old school.

Isabella’s Mama Came To Visit

Isabella’s Mama came to visit.. but actually to the store.. because she needed daddy to take a look at her computer.  Mama talked with her for a few minutes.. and then she had to rush off to pick up Isabella from school.  I was hoping they would come back today .. to play but i guess not but nevermind.. my mama said.. another day.. when they are not so busy.  I am also feeling better already.. so mama said.. we don’t have to worry about giving any germs to Isabella.

I’m Not Sick, But My Teacher Is

I went back to school today.. because i’m no longer sick.  But i have a new teacher today.. because my teacher is sick .. and she had gone up to Halifax.  I’m gonna miss my teacher very much .. i even bought her some chocolates for V-Day .. and brought it with me .. in my backpack.. and cards that I had made.  But mama said .. never mind.. coz’ we can see my teacher in a few days.. and i can give it to her again.  I liked my new teachers who came to help take care of us.. and I even help with the  Window Blinds.  Get well soon, teacher – I’m already missing you.