Park With Dominic

Dominic came by yesterday as arranged by mama and her mama … and we went to the park to play together.  We had our first tiff yesterday.. but we made up .. after a few seconds.  Mama was shocked that there were boo-boos on my legs today.. and was quite upset that i didn’t take care of myself.  But i had so much fun with Dominic.. and her mama .. and Keegan sent them home after we were in the park for an hour.

Jungle Jims

Jungle Jims is my favorite restaurant because they have treasures to give out to kids who are good and eat their food.  I had apple juice, some fries and chicken nuggets and then i play with the fishes.  Mama said i’m well behaved when i am at the restaurant.. and i don’t run around like a mad monkey.  I sit and color and wait for my food to come.

This is what i eat most times.. and other times.. i have fish and chips.  But i can never finish so much food.. so Papa gotta share it with me.

I’m doing puzzles too.

Marshmallow Cake

I had borrowed a french cooking book from the library.. and saw a marshmallow cake.  I then asked mama if i can make the cake.. so today.. i asked Keegan to help me.  This is my creation of marshmallow cake with licorice, marshmallows.. jelly beans, kit cake and chocolate sticks.  I like it a lot .. but i can only eat a little.  When Papa came home from work.. he ate some of the marshmallows too.  Mama didn’t eat any.. she’s diabetic.. but she said.. my marshmallow cake was grossed. .muahhahahahaha!!


I went to Madame Tish today and we made this together with the rest of my friends.  Mama liked it very much.. so it is now hanging in our store.. where i play.  Madame Tish teaches me a lot of things.. and now i can do all my ABCs .. and 123s very well.  Mama is very happy.

A close up of the sunflower craft that i made today.

Cooking With Daddy

Cooking with daddy is what mama wants me to do all the time.  Although Papa would prepare to do his cooking alone.. mama said.. it’s good to let me help, that way I can learn how to cook .. and not be a spoilt brat.  I helped mama wash dishes too.. although i know it’s a ploy to keep me busy.. and close so she can watch me.. while she is cooking.

First Pee Accident

I had my first pee accident on Sunday morning.  I woke mama up to tell her that i peed in my pants and on my bed.  Mama said it was alright.. and Papa said.. that it happens sometimes.  I changed into dry panties .. and PJs.. and tried to go and sleep on mama’s bed for a bit.  But i didn’t pee on Monday, so I’m all good again.. in fact, i think i had forgotten about it . .. by Monday morning.

What I Did During Spring Break?

Spring break is over.. and i’ve gone back to school..  because i miss Madame Tish and Melissa.  But i did lots of things during spring break.  I went to the library, i went for walks to the fountain, i went shopping with my babysitter .. and i even went to visit Tara’s house.

Of course, Dominic came to visit .. and that was good and some of my other friends came to play with me at our store too. I had a fun week and i didn’t want to go to bed last nite and mama was screaming at me .. at midnite because I didn’t want to sleep.

Painting My Finger Nails

Yesterday, Keegan and I painted each other’s nails… and i loved it.  I asked mama if she would let me paint my nails .. when i go back to school.. after much break… in which mama said no.  I think mama doesn’t like me playing with make up and all so soon . .because she still wants me to be a baby.  But i’m not a real baby anymore.. and i’ll be using mama’s anti wrinkle eye cream soon than she think i would.  Muahahhahaha!!!

Dominic Came To Visit

My best friend and “boyfriend” came to visit me today.  We had such an awesome time playing and going to the library and i was able to show off my nice hair..and all to him.  Dominic was a really gentleman.. he was very nice.. and said my hair look pretty.  We went out to get some treats.. after going to the library.  I told my mama, I wished Dominic can come play with me more often.  Spring break will be over too soon.