Goldie Is Sick

Goldie is sick.  Look at its skin color.. it’s pale green in color.  So daddy went to the pet shop.. and they recommended some medication for Goldie.. and some different food.  Unfortunately, we can’t remember where we put the food to let Goldie try .. so this weekend.. we have to go to the pet shop again .. and get the new food .. it’s some kinda worms for Goldie.  Goldie haven’t been eating well.

SomeOne Punched Me In School

Yes..! someone punched me in the chest in school.. and i didn’t do anything to him.. but he just punched me in the chest.  I was so upset about it.. and in fact didn’t enjoy my make-up class.  Mama called my teacher immediately .. and my teacher will talk to the boy’s parents.. and mama is gonna move me to another day for school… that way .. the boy and I will not be in the same class at the same time.

Mama said to push the boy away… and run as fast as possible to my teachers.. but i asked mama if it is ok.. if i donch push him.. but run fast .. really fast to my teachers instead.  Mama said.. i’m silly.. but that’s ok.. i donch like to push ppl.  But mama said to stay away from that boy – and tell the boy that my mama will kung fu him the next time.  But i told mama to tell that boy’s mama instead.

Batman & Robin

I finally found my Robin!  I tried to play with other kids that comes to the store.. but they all wants to be batman..!!  But there can only be 1 batman right..?? so finally .. Keegan is my Robin. .and we are a team now.  Wait till i get on my bat mobile.

Funky Hair

Dominic came after his hair cut.. to show me his funky looking hair.  He was going to a wrestling show.. therefore he had to get his hair all gel up in blue.  Doesn’t he looked good..??  mama loves it…!  so did I.

Nice eh..?? maybe I can go to Wayne to get my haircut instead.

My Mama Is Silly

Conversation with my mama :

mama :  turn off the tv, chloe and go get change for work.

me :  yer silly mama.

mama :  why am i silly?

me :  because it’s a puter and not a tv.  you are so silly.

My mama is silly this way.. she calls the computer a tv all the time, the other day, she said to call 911 because daddy was bleeding from his pimples.. and i corrected her.. and told her it’s an ambulance she had to call.  Now the next time she tells me about Colonix i have to check with papa what it is first.

Skye & Boston Came To Visit

Meet my friends Skye and Boston.  They have been in the store to play with me.  Skye will be going to Grade Primary in Arcadia .. and mama hopes to put me there too.. but it is too far from our house.. i think.  But i love playing with Skye and Boston.. because i get to run around the store with them.. and get the exercise i need.  Mama said .. Boston is too cute.. see the red head he’s got, and he’s cute too.

Look at us playing.  Boston loves hanging on to me.. and I hang on to Skye.

This is us together, me, skye and boston.  Boston calls Skye, sissy .. for sister.


I never did a lot of craftwork before going to school last year.  Now i get to do a lot not only at school but at the store too.  Mama said she didn’t know .. i needed to know all these before going to school, so last year was a disaster because the school wanted so much from me, and i never was taught how to.  But nope, the school i was in was Nazis about it.. and insisted that I should know even though mama explained that i wasn’t in any pre-school, kindergarten nor did mama or keegan taught me any of it.  So this year, mama said .. i’m gonna be very prepared.. and see i’m doing bookmarks for everyone i know.  Mama said .. not every child is the same, but judging me 3 weeks into school was just not right.

Park Time

I love that the weather is getting warmer because I get to go to the park.  Mama said going to the park is good for me.. because i not only get fresh air and exercises, i get to meet other kids on the playground to practice my social skill in preparation for school next year.  If you don’t know by now, I’m going to a new school this fall after Ms Tish and mama can do her nuphedra review while i’m at school.

I’m Running Away To Singapore

Mama loves to threaten me when i am being bad that she was gonna run away back to Singapore, where she came from.  So the other day, I got my luggage together and my new cap.. and told Mama that i was running away to Singapore too.  See I’m all ready .. and dressed up for it, with mama’s  skin care products as well in my luggage.  Papa said to mama ” you see where she is getting it from?”  so mama better stop saying things that she doesn’t want me to repeat because I’m a kid and I can get sassy.