Online Radio For Kids/Teenagers

Mama said Uncle John Chow from Vancouver, the very popular and smart online guru, is having a radio contest and giving away as much as $4000.  But what I like most is that I can now listen to many online stations just for children like myself.  I love the Christmas songs and cookie break children plus the pre-school radio station is my favorite and my friends from school too.

We don’t have radio stations like this in Yarmouth, NS – so mama was really pleased that I can now do my homework and listen to appropriate songs.  I listen to these Online Radio ever since Uncle John Chow told mama about it on his blog.   We have been telling everyone at school and at the store about this wonderful place for children to listen to songs.   Thank you .. Uncle John Chow and Thank You Online Radio Station – now I don’t have to listen to daddy’s heavy metal music and mama’s talks shows.

Swimming Again & My Slide

I went swimming with Keegan again today.. and before that we went to the library.  I returned the library book that was overdue.  And before swimming .. Dominic came to visit as well.  Despite a short one.. i always love having Domnic come visit.  I told mama i hope he comes visit more often during summer.  And Dominic’s mama said .. we can go to his grampie’s house to swim.  I swim so good now..  i’m sure mama was so proud of me.  And this is the slide that papa made for me.. on his own.  We can’t wait for Grampie.. because Grampie is busy building a castle for me.

My School Friends Visited Me

My school friends from my old school visited me today.  Wow..!! i was surprised.. but i had a good time playing with them.  Mama forgot to take pictures of us playing.. but never mind.. next time.. mama said – she was busy.. and talking with all the other mama’s ..and helping them find things they wanna buy from papa’s store.

This is the new glass cabinet build by papa for the store – see  all the games there, my school friends bought some because they pass their grade.

Please Grampie From Please Mum

We went to visit Grampie on Sunday.. and mama make Grampie pay for my Easter dress  .. hahahah!!!  $25 .. but before going to Grampie, we went to Please Mum because they were having some sale for VIP members.  Yes, mama is VIP members at Please Mum.  So Mama said .. the next time we visit Grampie.. we will ask Grampie to pay for the dresses from Please Mum.  Mama said to say .. Please Grampie.. from Please Mum..!!! hhahahahah!!!!   So Grampie.. donch forget you have to pay for my 3 dresses for graduation .. from Ms Tish School. And grampie should learn how to play games on my  xbox 360 .

Eating At Zellers

Sunday is my day .. mama said.. and I get to choose wherever I wanna eat.. because mama refuses to cook on Sundays.  I chose to eat at Zellers last Sunday…. because i like the ladies there.. they are always so nice to me.  And i love drawing.. and whenever i eat in a cafe or restaurant.. i never run around the restaurant.. because mama said it is rude.. and bad manners.

I had half a piece of fish.. and some fries and onion rings.. and lots of water.  In fact, I drank all my water like a good girl.  We didn’t have any dessert at the Zellers.. but we did get to eat some fudge from Grampie’s house. When i finished my food, i sit around and color some more.  No bratty stuff from me.. and mama said good manner starts from young.

Thank You Everyone!

Mama said to thank everyone for the comments & emails .. about the posts during the last few days.  All the posts have been moved to a more open domain so that everyone can view the posts without a password.  The message from daddy was also moved to another domain.. dedicated to unfit mothers and foul mouthed hooligans.  You can find the domain on mama’s website.  Proper authorities will be contacted with regards to these ppl if they keep up the nonsense, so mama said we should all move on with our lives, there are bigger and more important things to do.

Thank you once again for responding so quickly to the happening around town and creating awareness about unfit parents.

Thank You, Auntie Jenny From Down Under

Mama has friends from all over the world.. and Auntie Jenny from Perth .. down under sent me a lot of stationary.. and a pretty pink dress for the summer.  She is just too awesome..!!!!  Thank you .. Auntie Jenny..!!!  Mama said .. i’m such a lucky kid.. because I get presents and candies.. from Malaysia.. Japan.. USA .. UK – Switzerland, Netherland, Paris .. and of course Singapore..!!  Thank you Aunties.. from all over the world.. !!!!  you certainly are good ppl .. to treat me and mama so well.

Look at all my stationary from Down Under

I am arranging all of time .. so mama can take a picture to show everyone

Look at all my goodies.. !!!  i’m so happy..!!!

Dress From Down Under

We received a dress from Mama’s blogging from.. Auntie Jenny from Perth.  It was so beautiful.. i just had to wear it to show off .. to my friends.. and Madame Tish the next day.  When everyone asked me where I got the dress from.. i tell them it’s from Down Under.  Thank you .. Auntie Jenny..!!

I just got home from school.  See i love this dress..!! thank you .. Auntie Jenny..!!!  Mama had to stop looking at those zero radius sinks so that she can take a picture of me . .for Auntie Jenny.

Hannah Montana Look A Like

I made Keegan buy me some hair gel to turn my hair blonde.. but it didn’t work out real well.  So I am trying something else again.. this time.. something cheaper.. from the dollar store.  So Keegan helped me put all those hair up.. to make me look like Hannah Montana.   Do I look like Hannah now..??

I even had my  nails painted.. woohoo..!!!  these are cinderalla’s nail polish.