1st Day @ Summer Camp

I went to the Y for summer camp today.. and decided that maybe the Y-camp wasn’t such a good idea.. because there were a lot of bigger kids there.. and the teachers there don’t seems to pay a lot of attention to me.  I played alone a lot although i enjoyed it but there are things like no sunscreen when we went out in the sun or giving me more water when i told them i was very thirsty that goit mama really worried.  Although it is convenient for mama to visit me often, the main idea for the Y-camp is for me to do stuff and interact with others .. not just play on my own or get kicked by other bigger kids.  So mama said maybe i can go to another camp that starts next week and see how it goes.  But this time, perhaps Kate can go with me.

So I Graduated !

So i graduated from Ms Tish & Melissa School – Tiny Tots.  Mama said she wished she had put me in Ms Tish school much earlier because I learned so much from Miss Tish.  I already miss Melissa and Ms Tish.   We had a concert and a graduation certificate like a big gal.  These are my friends from school – they are very nice to me.. and they are very pretty too .. donch you think.  They always say i look pretty too.. and they make me happy.  See the hair band – this is from Auntie Joey from Japan and lots of other goodies.. but mama would write about it later.. in her food blog.

This is Ms Melissa, she is very good to me.. and she taught me a lot of thing like Ms Tish.  I’m gonna miss you .. Melissa.

This is my grampie.  He came to watch me sing .. but we were late because of getting doughnuts for the concert.  But I did managed to sing the last song.. and grampie came early this time.. and waited for us.  Grampie doesn’t like the crowd.. so he had to go out every now and then.

This is my grammie.  Mama said Grammie doesn’t like her photo on the net.. but i insisted .. so mama put it up .. so that i can show my “kai mah” in Singapore.

This is also my friend.. and she is also very nice to me.. but i think she is very hot..since the church was so hot and has no fan in it.

So I Went To The Doctor’s Again

Waiting in the doctor’s office and coloring as usual

So I had to go back to the doctor again on Wednesday.. because I started having a fever.. and my throat looked worst.  At 7.30am in the morning.. i decided that i wasn’t going to school.. because i felt really lousy.  Papa quickly called the doctor’s office.. and got me into the doctor’s by 9.30am.  This time he did prescribed me with medication.  Mama wasn’t happy because she still think that the doctor should have given me the anti-biotics on Monday.. and I know how to say “anti-biotics” by the time we left the Doctor’s office.  I was well enough to go for my school concert and graduation party yesterday.. but felt lousy again .. later in the evening.

Bad Throat & Sniffing

I had a bad throat yesterday.. and mama didn’t know it .. till in the afternoon when we got to the store.  So papa called the doctor’s office .. to see if they will take me in .. and they did.  My doctor wanted to test if i had strep throat, so he had to stick like a long cotton bud into my throat.. but i had refused to open my mouth.  Mama tried to bribe me by tell me that she was gonna bring me for a vacation when she finds some good travel deals and i still won’t open my mouth.  But guess what my doctor said to me..??  he said.. “quick open your mouth .. or do you want me to pinch you..?? ” in which mama and papa were visibly flabberghasted.  Mama said she was sure my doctor didn’t mean anything bad.. but cannot imagine why he would say something like that .. to a kid who was already frightened.  Afterall, he has 3 kids himself.  *roll eyes*  And no medication ..!!!  *more roll eyes*

I Ate Pancakes !

Yes.. i had pancakes yesterday morning.. at home.. with syrup.  Mama wants to write this down.. before she forgets.  I had them at Ms Tish. .and i asked papa to get me some.  Mama is really proud of me because i have a hard time trying new food.  The last time i ate bread .. was when Keegan tricked me and told me they were cake.. hahahha!!!

I Have A New Friend

Today is Saturday and I had a new friend – Brianna who came to play with me.. and swim with me.  Mama said Brianna will be coming to play with me.. when Keegan is gone to college this fall.  I liked Brianna ..and held her hands.. and even gave her a hug before she left.  Brianna drew me a dog.. and she is 10 yrs old.

Keegan was teaching Brianna the things to do with me.. when she is away in college.  And I was jumping and running around the store.. but it was very busy at the store today.. so we didn’t run around a lot.  And mama forgot to take a picture of Brianna.

PJ Party At School

It was PJ day at school today.. and i went to school in my PJs.. and had breakfast at Ms Tish.  Mama said .. it is such a good experience.. and that I’m learning so much from Ms Tish.  I even ate pancakes today.. but without the syrup.   But i had fun.. and told mama to make me some pancakes at home…. but mama said.. she was doing some diet pill reviews and will make me some .. when she is done.  Mama works a lot.. and all i want her to do .. is to play with me.  Keegan was still sick today.  She came in to the store.. but mama asked her to go home.. because she was all stuffed up .. and mama didn’t want me to catch anything either.  Get well soon .. Keegan.

I Can Get Dirty Too !

Although I donch like getting dirty.. and i rarely do.. there are times.. that I do it.. because mama finds it amusing.  But as soon as mama takes my pictures .. and get tickled by it.. i’m up to wash them clean.  Mama taught me to wash my hands all the time.. especially before I eat.. and also when i touched other things . …like money or the garbage can.  I have good washing hand habits because mama don’t like germs.. and don’t like me to get sick.

Me & Jessica

This is my friend, Jessica.  She is the daughter of Mr Zhu from the chinese restaurant.  Today, I followed mama and Keegan to visit the restaurant.. because mama needs to take some pictures of the food in the restuarant.. so that she can help Mr Zhu put up a website for the restaurant.

We got stuck at the restaurant.. because the rain came down hard.. so i played with Jessica, while mama take her pictures.. like 100 of them.  Jessica is only 2 yrs old.. but she already knows her 1 – 10 .. and she spoke in English.  Jessica is really cute..  we all like her.