4th Day In Ready, Set Go Program

Today is my 4th day at the Ready, Set Go Program – tomorrow is the last day and I can’t wait to go rv camping next week.   I was a wee bit whiny in the morning.. but after mama and daddy left.. i was good.  I did enjoy school today.. and I think i might be getting use to my new school.  The teachers were good, i told mama i liked the teachers.. and hope they will teach me in the falls.  But mama said.. they are different teachers .. only for this program.  Come fall, my new teacher is a different teacher .. but mama said she is gonna to be a good teacher.. so i’ll be good with her.  I love the water fountain in school.. and really love drinking water from there.  Mama said it’s just a new novelty .. and i would grow tired of it later.. muahahah!!

Ready, Get Set Go Program (2nd Time)

I went to the Ready, Get Set Go program for all children who is going to Grade Primary this fall.  It is in my new school and mama said she wanted me to familiarize myself with the school and my new friends there.  Mama brought my lunch for me.. but the door was closed.. and i didn’t get to see her.  But mama peeped from the window.. and someone told me.. my mama was at the window.. so i turned around .. and waved at mama .. and blew kisses. .. to her.

I didn’t finished my rice that mama sent to school . .and was really hungry by the time i got home.  Keegan called to say she can’t come to babysit – so i am very angry.. and i was very whiny the whole afternoon.  Mama said she was tired from so little sleep last nite .. and then Keegan didn’t show up.  So it wasn’t a good day for me.  Plus someone poured ketchup on me !!! that was disgusting..!!!  and when i asked her why she did that.. she just laughed at me.. and that made me even more angry.

Wedding Of Lindsay

We attended cousin Lindsay’s wedding this afternoon and it was all the way in Bellville – far away from town.  We met many friends and relatives there – who were also there for the ceremony, we even met the guy who sold us some cheap health insurance many years ago, when i was born.  Godma Lynn was there, so was Uncle Budd and Aunt May from Halifax and many ppl that knows mama and daddy.

It was a very nice wedding except for the flies and bugs that didn’t wanna leave me alone.  We took many pictures of cousin – Lindsay and her husband.. mama said she will put it up for Kai mah to see later.  I was also wearing a dress sent to me by Kai mah Lina and everyone said i was so pretty – i told them my Kai mah bought the dress for me.. and sent it all the way from Singapore.

Mama said this is my Aunt Lindsay .. but here in Canada.. she is known as my second cousin or something like that.   She is papa’s cousin – “pui gu che” – but here.. they donch called her “pui gu che”.

Ashley From K.L.

Mama bought this handmade name for Ashley from K.L. – Auntie Barb’s daughter.  She is younger than I .. but whenever we go shopping, mama and I remember to get something for Ashley too… albeit we donch go shopping that much.  But we were packing up a box to send to Ashley’s uncle who lives in Canada as well to bring it to K.L. for Ashley.  The reason why we donch send out by mail because the last time we sent stuff to Ashley and her papa, they didn’t arrived.   So mama said we donch waste our money .. but ask Ashley’s uncle for help.  Luckily, Ashley’s uncle is very helpful.. and we are thankful for that.  Hopefully, Ashley gets all our presents soon, we are looking out for movies for Ashley as well.. hope they come in soon.

Bad Throat Again !

I am having a bad throat again!  Mama waited for a few days before bringing me to my family doctor.  As usual… he didn’t wanna prescribe any medication – which was expected.  But he didn’t say he wants to pinch me now.. but he did tickle me.  He is sending me to an ENT specialist .. because my tonsils keeps swelling up.  So in the meantime, I guess i just have to suffer and take tylenol if it hurts.  Mama said the next time, I donch feel well, she would just go buy some acne products instead of sending me to the doctor’s – afterall, he wouldn’t give me any medication thus stressing mama out.. and her acne breaks out.. so might as well save some time.

Presents From Auntie Yen – New Century Rest

This present is from Auntie Yen – Mr Zhu’s wife .. Jessica’s mummy.  Mama said .. Auntie Yen was being too nice  .. and after giving mama an ang pow for the website.. she still bought me gifts.  Thank you .. Auntie Yen..!!!  Thank you for being so kind to me.. and mama.  Mama said with so many presents i have been receiving lately .. she don’t have to buy me anymore new dresses or clothes.. she can go get some Medicare supplement insurance for our entire family instead.

Build A Bear Workshop

We went to Build A Bear Workshop in Mic Mac Mall when we were in Halifax – the second day.  Mama wanted to get me a personalized bear but I think it is too expensive.  So instead Mama let me choose a dress and a panties for my own bear.

There were so many to choose from and I don’t know which one to pick.  In the end .. i chose what i think would fit my bear best.. because it was summer.. i chose a summer dress.

Look at all the lovely dresses, mama wanted me to get the pink one.. but i wanted the summer dress.

Mama wanted me to get this Hello Kitty doll, luckily we didn’t get it.. because Kai Mah sent one from Singapore.. and that one is a better one… i told mama.

Presents From My Kai Mah From Singapore

Look what my Kai Mah – Lina sent me from Singapore yesterday..??  A special edition of Hello Kitty in Japanese costume.  Wow..!! i bet Kai Mah Joey would love it too.   This must be the “poh peh” – priceless gift mama was telling me about.  Besides this Hello Kitty doll, there are lots more in a 5 Kg box all the way from Singapore.  Mama said kai mah must have spent a small fortune sending them to me – must be more expensive then the prices for term life insurance .  Thank you .. Kai Mah..!!!  I love you very much..  not because you send me so many things.. but because you are my Kai Mah.. !! mama said .. i am very blessed.. !

Breakfast @ MacDonald’s

Breakfast at Macdonald’s because I wanted to play in their indoor playground.. and mama let me choose the place to eat just because we are on vacation.  I had a little pancake, a hashbrown and milk – but only chocolate milk because i wouldn’t take white milk.

This is the only reason why I will eat my pancake at Macdonald’s – i played for a good 45mins.. and made mama panic because i screamed so long when i was inside.. because i didn’t know how to get outta the tunnel.  Mama thought i was hurt.. and jumped up to rescue me.. but bumped her knees on one of the chairs.  Daddy said i cannot do that..!  But i said sorry to mama immediately.