Hello Kitty From Auntie Joey

Thank you .. Aunty Joey from Japan for this awesome Hello Kitty..!! i love it very much.. and will always treasure it.  But like mama said.. you are too kind..  and already send a lot of presents .. it’s like Christmas every other day for me.  So you have to save your money .. coz’ mama said.. postage is very expensive but i thank you very much..  for all your love and kindess. God bless you..!

2 Yrs Old Me

This is one of the pictures of me.. i’m sending to my Auntie Kai Mah.. but I’m doing like a scrap book for her.. with the albums that Keegan brought back from PEI.  I hope my Auntie Kai Mah would like it.   I was like 2 yrs old here.. and was attending my cousins wedding that was outta town.

Dresses From Auntie Kai Mah Lina

I received another package from Auntie Kai Mah, Lina from Singapore again.   And she had sent so many already.. but i was excited too.. and asked mama .. why Auntie Kai Mah bought so many dresses for me.  In which, mama replied that Auntie Kai Mah loves me a lot .. so she cannot resist buying me things that are pretty.

Mama said.. Auntie Kai Mah is too kind.. but shouldn’t spend so much money on me. But look at this pink dress.. i love it..!!

Another dress from Auntie Kai Mah.. so pretty right..?? my Auntie Kai Mah got good taste.. she picked all the dresses that I liked.

This dress is so pretty..!!!  i like this one the best..  !! i model it for mama to take picture to show Auntie Kai Mah.

Mama said it’s too big for me now.. but soon i’ll be able to wear it.   But Auntie Kai Mah already spent a lot of money on me.. so no no .. Auntie Mah.. no more presents..   🙂

We love you and there is no need for presents for me.. because I’ve lots of dresses already.  We know you care for me.. and that’s enough already.  You have to save your money for Kor Kor Gerald’s car .. hahahah!!

Thank you .. Auntie Kai Mah..!! I love you .. *muack, muack* .. but no more presents ..!!


This are my uncles and cousins and family  – they were here for Alli’s and Lindsay’s wedding.   We have Uncle Bobby on the left, then there is my grammie, my daddy, my Uncle Fernand, my Godma Lynn, my cousin Nick, my cousin Tom and of course, my beloved Aunt Helena.. and then there is me there.  This is summer 2009.


I go home with mama every nite.. except for nites.. when Kate is available.. to bring me home .. and if i am not too fussy.  It has been a long time since Kate went home with me.. this summer.. because she was sick and then left for PEI for her vacatioin.  So what do i do .. when i go home with mama.  First, mama would cook for me.. and then get me ready for eating.  While mama is cooking… she lets me help.. by playing cooking as well.  And then we eat.. and then mama would cut up some oranges .. or grapes.. or a small bowl of ice cream on different days for me.

After dinner.. i watch a bit of cartoon/movies .. and when mama is ready to do dishes.. she lets me help with the bottles.. i cleaned them .. and scrub them.. and then mama would rinsed them all over again.  After doing that.. mama would go wash the tub.. and get ready for my bath.  Sometimes, I am bad.. and donch wanna bathe.. but play house.. and mama would let me play for a few minutes.. while she does other work.. at home.. like cleaning .. or laundry.  Then i bathe .. and papa would be home shortly.   Usually after papa gets home.. papa would take care of me.. so mama can do her online work. Mama never leaves me alone when we are home alone…. that’s why I like mama to go home with me.. most times.  But now that Kate is home.. i want her to come home with me.. sometimes.

Presents For Ashley, Malaysia

We love Auntie Barb, not only because she sends loads of food to mama but also because she is the kindest person mama has met – who never says a bad word about anyone.. or anything.  Auntie Barb is mama’s longest online friend.. and she is very  humble.. mama always praise Auntie Barb for being so kind and thoughtful.. and always has a lending ear for mama .. when mama goes crazy.. hahahha!!!  it’s true.. you can ask Auntie Barb.

Anyhow, we rushed out to get everything ready to send this out on Monday for Ashley .. because we have had this for a long time now.  But mama found out that Ashley’s uncle is leaving for K.L.  on Friday.. so mama was frantic.. and made papa go back to the store.. to find the right size box for all the things.  Tomorrow.. we are gonna try and go out .. and get some more stuff to fill the box.. because we realised there are some more space in the box.  Hope Ashley like the stuff in the box.. because I picked some of the things in there for her.  I even have a special shell for Ashley.  Hope Ashley’s uncle donch leave without it.. else i would be disappointed.

Chalk Time

This summer.. i refused to go to summer camp..  so mummy had a hard time keeping me occupied.. especially during the time .. when Keegan went to PEI.  But mama arranged for me to do new stuff .. like play dates with different ppl, going to the park.. and reading.. and doing homework in preparation for school.  At other times, she lets me play with chalk too.   I love it so much.. and although i cannot play with my neighbour Kyle because I’m always home late.. i get to get messy at the store.  See how messy i am these days.

Aunt Helena and Grammie Came To Visit

Aunt Helena and Grammie came to visit this after with the insurance quote that daddy needed.  I was having my lunch..  and of course didn’t finished it.. because i was too distracted.  But i had fun while Grammie was here fixing her computer.. and when they left.. i still haven’t finished my lunch.  So mama said.. i’m not getting fries and Mickey D tomorrow.  Ooh ohhh..!! lets see if mama is smart enough to remember or not tomorrow.. usually she isn’t .. muahahahah!!

Meeting Up With Emily

We were at the park yesterday.. and when we arrived .. there were some mean gals at the park.. who told me to “get out” .. i went running to mama who was walking behind me.  But the mean gals left shortly after .. and I met with Emily instead.  Emily is from Digby .. and she was extremely nice.. and complimented on my dress and my name.  Mama said she wished all kids were like Emily.  But i had such a blast walking with mama to the park.. and then we played there for an hour.. and there were boys and gals there.

In the morning .. Gary came to play with me.. i had chalk all over me.. and then i had lunch.. and played some more with chalk.. and we walked to the park.. and in the evening.. mama and I played more in the backyard.. and now that mama can bathe me.. there is no need for papa to rush home.

Sarah My Friend

Sarah my friend and her daddy was at our store today.. and Sarah didn’t wanna play with me .. because she was shy.  But later in the afternoon, her daddy called to invite me to the beach with Sarah.. and Sarah was the one who suggested it.  Mama was very pleased.. but I haven’t had my lunch .. so we didn’t go instead we went biking .. with another friend of mama who came to visit at home.  I had such a good time.. and in the evening.. I went to play with Kyle… at the backyard.