Teaching Independence

I left for school this morning happy because mama played the who will get dressed up first with me again.  Even though mama tried to trick me by showing me some brochures of copper sinks i still won – muahahha!!!

See i wear layered clothings .. a undershirt, a blouse – then a sweater .. and a jacket to school.  But when i came home, i told mama that my teacher didn’t want to help me with my thermos lunch and wants me to try opening them myself – because mama said they were trying to teach me to be independent .. and to do things myself.  But mama can’t even open the thermos for lunch, so how can my teacher expect me to open it.  I was quite upset when i told mama that.. and now mama is upset.. and wonder if she should only bring heated up food in normal lunch boxes at 11.30am instead of trying to let me carry them to school in the morning.  But papa is gonna write a note to the teacher and see what if she would continue to help me.  But today i raised my hand and another teacher came to help me.. not my own teacher.  I was so late with getting help, i didn’t really eat my lunch. – what a bummer!

New Twin Bed

So papa finally bought the twin bed frame for me.  We found it on facebook on a local yard sale page. Papa didn’t pay much for it.. and if we had bought it new it would have cost at like $400.  So now we only need to go look for mattresses but they too don’t come cheap either here in our town.  The cheapest that we’ve seen so far were like $300 from Walmart – yes..! it’s insane eh.  But i do need it.. because i’m growing so tall for my toddler’s bed.. so when i get my mattress, we will sell off my toddler’s bed .. and get some money in return.

Ballet Clothings


My mama is very determined..  when she can’t get the tutu for me .. at the local store..  she asked for help from her blogging and online friends.  But of course, my auntie Kai Mah would have gotten it for me.. if mama couldn’t find it.  But mama said.. she is getting it for me.. before my next dancing class because she didn’t want me to feel left out.  I had sulked and told mama i’m not like the other kids.. because i wasn’t dressed up like them.  But now .. i have my dancing shoes.. and my outfit.. my leggings.. and also my tutu..! mama found a tutu for me.. at Zellers..  not the one she wanted.. but this will do for now.. till Auntie Kim from Ontario sends one for me.

I Ate A WaterMelon !

I have been back in school for a week now.  Remember, I was sick last week for the whole week .. but this week, I am only coughing a bit..and I was good the whole week.  I woke up on time, I got dressed up on time.. and i went to school on time.  But you see, mama played a game with me.. every morning.. and that is .. who can get ready first.. and who can touch the toilet first.. and everytime.. i win mama. Mama said I’m so fast.. even faster than our life insurance friend.. who would speedy up.. when she needs to come collect mama’s check.

But what’s best this week is .. we bought books from school to support the school library.. and bought stars for the wall of hope in support for the Terry Fox Day.. and watermelon as well.  And my teacher said.. she was very proud of me.. because i tried eating the watermelon.. and almost finished it.  Mama had bought 4 pieces of watermelon in support of the Terry Fox Day.. and if i didn’t wanna eat it.. it can go to the other students.  Next week, I have the photo taking.. and the apple farm visit with the Wallace’s Brother.

Fairy Godmother

I’m a fairy Godmother.. like my Auntie Kai Mah.. and I can grant you wishes .. like my Auntie Kai Mah.  What do you wish for..??   Yes.. i can be very funny.. and i got dressed up one day after school.. and played fairy Godmother.. because I wanna be like my Auntie Kai Mah.

No one helped me to dress up.. i just did it on my own.  Daddy ran after me.. and took my picture.. because he said.. it was a kodak moment.

Keeping Me Busy – Chalk Time

Mama tries to keep me busy all the time.. even if i was not in school because i was recovering from my fever or cold, she makes sure i get some fresh air .. if i am up to it.  So she gets me and Kate out at the front of the store.. and let me draw on the side walk.. with my chalk.  The other day, the town bylaw fella was just outside our store .. when i was drawing .. and someone had said.. that the guy might fine daddy .. because i was dirtying the place.  But mama said.. she can’t wait till they come .. and fine us.. because mama will be giving them a tongue lashing for not cleaning up the dog first.. muahahah!!

I do a pretty good job with the drawing.. but Kate is better.  Everyone who walked passed us.. always praise us.. for the colorful drawing.  I draw arrows to point them to our store.. that way .. the customers can come into our store .. when they follow our drawings.

Jessica Came To Play

Jessica came to play the other day .. when her mummy was having a baby. Look how happy she is .. playing.. and eating .. Kate was feeding her but she didn’t eat a lot.  Mama was doing some colon cleanse reviews so she left us to entertain Jessica.  I wished i was sniffing that day.. so that i can play more with Jessica.

Jessica posing for mama’s camera..  so cute eh.

Awwww..!!  what a cutie pie – she is.

Jessica playing.. and Kate feeding her.


After being sick for the entire week last week, I am finally well again .. to go back to school.  I was tired .. when i woke up .. as you can see.. and there behind me.. daddy getting my shoes ready .. to leave.  I had an awesome day .. at school.. and i went to dancing class after school.. and daddy bought me a ballet school as well.. but it’s a used one.  So mama said.. she is gonna try and get me a new one instead later in the week. I like my dancing class very much.. and my tap dancing as well.

Skye’s & Boston’s Birthday

It’s Skye’s and Boston’s birthday.. at the bowling alley today..!  I was invited of course.. because we are good friends.. with their mummy and daddy.  Group picture taken at the bowling alley before we went to play.  If there is any mummy and daddy out there.. who don’t like their kid’s picture here, please email mummy and she can blur the picture out of your kid.  No need to have a hissy fit please.

This is Boston eating a pizza.. ! mummy says he is too cute..!!

Me getting ready to bowl.  For those who don’t know this.. i love to bowl.. and i’m having my birthday party here too.  The balls are a lot smaller than those you find in Asia.. but it’s great for kids like me.  Thank you for inviting me.. Skye and Boston.

Saturday Again

I’m feeling much better today.. but still taking medication for my cough and cold. After putting  patio furniture covers on our deck .. we headed for work.  Mama didn’t have to babysit Jessica.. because she didn’t show up at her daddy’s restaurant.. so instead.. we did some homework.. rest. .and play a bit.. at the store.

Katelynn usually doesn’t have any plans for me.. she just goes with what mama wants me to do… and most time.. mama wants me to read, write and color … and if the weather is good.. she wants me outdoor.  But since i was sick for the whole week.. and no swimming again today.. because i’m not fully recovered..  i had to stay indoors.