Halloween 2009

It’s Halloween today.. and i get to wear my cinderella costume all day in the store but i chose not to until time for treat a tricking.  But i wore it at home before going to the store.  Daddy got me a new costume because my old costume still smell of cigarette the day before Halloween.

But that doesn’t mean that I can go out and buy the most expensive costume.. because daddy said that we don’t spend money like that.  They are trying to teach me the value of money and I can only pick a costume that isn’t too expensive or on sale.

I finally chose the cinderella because this one was the cheapest we can find.  Grammie have to pay daddy back because it is $20 + tax even though it was already on sale.  So when Grammie comes on Tuesday, I’m gonna tell her she owes daddy .. hahaha!!

And no .. Kate didn’t call even though it was Halloween but it was alright because mama said she must be busy and maybe she might turn up in her costume in the evening.  But nope she didn’t but I had so much fun trick a treating with mama and daddy .. that i didn’t really think about it anymore, plus Godma Lynn called from Toronto..!! woohoo..!! to wish me Happy Halloween.

And plus i got to see my friends in their costumes during our school party and we went to visit all the nice houses on various street and even went to visit Sarah and Dominic but Dominic wasn’t home.


Getting ready for rollerskating with my friend from my old school.   Yes.. mama still keeps in contact with my friends’ mama from my old schools.. so we can do things together.  Mama said it is important to go for playgroups.. so that i can learn how to share better.

Since i’m older now, mama wants me to try different things .. to build up my strength in the things that i like and also to teach me about team spirit and independence.  Mama said the world is so big out there and she hopes that i can do the things i like and find good friends a long the way.

I love bowling and dancing that’s for sure, roller skating i’m trying out now and later mama said i should go try ice – skating as well at the Mariner Center.  But for now, I have to try a few indoor games because there are so many people sick out there and mama and daddy is trying not to let me go to crowded places for fear of me catching something from someone.

Making Ghettis For Mama

I can play with play doh now because my babysitter was not here.. and she was allergic to play doh.  So i told mama to bring my play doh to the store.. so that i can make some ghettis for her when i come home from school.  Do you like the ghettis i make .. Auntie Kai Mah..??

This play doh was bought by Phil and Brenda during my 3rd or 4th birthday and i still have it and play with it, daddy just bought me some new play dohs to go with this set.. because i mixed all the play doh together.. and the colors are all mixed up.

I’m a good keeper – because i still keep all my things properly.  Do you play with play doh kor kor gerald?

Play Time

Skye came to visit me today and we played while mama and her mama chatted for a bit.  I also learned to share my toys with Skye and Boston and i love sky dressed up for her Halloween party at school.

Boston was here too.. and mama said.. she was so proud of me for sharing all my things with Boston too.. and we ran around and played tag.

We digged thru’ all our stuff .. and played more than an hour i think.. and then we had to head home, so we had to say good bye… but Skye and Boston helped me to clean up before they left.

See all cleaned up.. and mama is so proud of us.

We said i goodbyes.. and hugged each other – thank you for coming to visit me.. Skye and Boston.

Halloween Parade 2009

Halloween parade was today.. and Aunt Helena and Grammie was in the store to watch it with me.  But the store was really busy, so we didn’t get home in time.. to eat .. and then come back .. to watch the parade.  So mama got Mr Zhu to cook us dinner.. and I had dinner at the store.. and we watched the parade first..and then went home.

I had fun.. and gotta some candies too.  It was kinda cold but not as cold as i can remember last year. Mama gave me her scarf to wear .. and grammie was smoking .. hahahha!!

Fashion Gal

I told mama to take this picture for me.. so that Kai Mah can see me.. with my new cap. Mama bought this for me.. yesterday.. when we were out shopping .. and i wore it this morning to school.  Mama said.. Kai Mah very fashionable.. so I also must dress up fashionably like Kai mah.. hahah!!  I know my kai mah lina would love this cap.

Bye.. bye.. kaimah..! i’m going to school now.  Wait mama set up Skype.. then we can chat with you and Aunty Macy.. and of course William.

Spending Time With Daddy

Spending time with daddy on a Saturday afternoon was awesome..!  we drew together..  on my easel – can you guess which side is daddy’s .. and which side is mine..??  it doesn’t get very busy till later in the evening.. so mama was able to go for her pedicure.. and i stayed at the store with daddy.  In the morning .. we went skating before we opened the store.

Later in the afternoon, mama brought me to the park and i had fun with my friends Megan, Alisha and we also saw Ruby and friends.  It was cold by the time we came back and mama make me wear her scarf and her mittens .. because my hands were turning red .. i left mine at home.

I Can Read

I can read now – our school started a reading program whereby we have to bring a book home – the book is made by us in class and we practice it at school first.  My teacher then send it back with us.. and gets mummy and daddy to read together with me.  We’ve all been good and read 2 small books already.  It’s not hard and I love reading my book because it makes mummy and daddy so proud of me.  Mama said we can make a  cardboard display with stick figures to tell our own story this weekend.  Mummy and I have been doing reading cards together too.. we have lots to do, since my babysitter had been sick and the doctor said it’s better to let her get rested and get well.  Mama don’t do so much work online now because she needs to spend time with me but I love that I go home with mama everyday because I love my mama.

Hannah Montana Wanna-be

Firstly, I gotta thank Aunty Barb for the slip on cardigan.  I love it..!! as soon as i received it.. i had to wear it.  There are more things.. that Auntie Barb sent.. but that will be up in mama’s blog.  The cardigan look nice eh..??  Auntie Barb got good taste too.   Today, I wanna be Hannah Montanna.. so mama let me wear my ipod shuffle.. and i dance to the music.

My babysitter had been sick a long time now, lucky for me.. there are lots of ppl to play with me.. and do things with me.  Today – we even went to the park .. and i found another new friend to play with – Grammie came to visit..and brought me out for walks.   Mama said.. that my babysitter is no longer contagious anymore.. so i won’t get sick from her.. but she may be tired.. so even though she had call to come back to work, mama and daddy said.. she better rest proper … so she wouldn’t get sick no more – for my babysitter does get pretty sick often.  Luckily, I didn’t get the mono from her.. mama said.. else everyone would be devastated.  But i’m doing good in school. .and at home.. and mama even stop doing so much work online so that she can spend more time with me.  I love that mama goes home with me everyday now.

Thank You, William

I am indeed a very blessed girl – not only auntie kai mah send me things..  auntie barb sent me things too. .a few weeks ago, but mama haven’t had the time to put them up to show everyone.  But today i received this package from Aunty Macy and William from Vancouver.

I know.. Aunty Macy said not to post it up on mama’s blog… but i want to post it up on my blog.. and also Auntie Kai Mah wants to see pictures.. so i told mama .. but Aunty Macy never said.. not to post it on my blog mah. .. kekekkee!!!   So donch get mad .. Aunty Macy.

Mama didn’t open my package .. because i was in school – and she wants to teach me to respect other ppl’s privacy, therefore, she waited for me.. to come back from school to open it.

See what Aunty Macy got for me..??  a Hello Kitty hot and cold pack .. just in case I don’t feel good. Mama had been looking for something like that.. for me..  just in case i get ill.  Thank God.. !! i haven’t been sick all this time.. that my babysitter was sick.  Mama said.. mono is very contagious.. and luckily she had warned me for months now.. not to kiss my babysitter on the lips.. else i might have gotten mono from her.. and that would not be good.  Grammie said.. when a kid gets mono .. it’s worst than when an adult has it.  Mama and daddy was so relieved.. that I didn’t get infected by Katelynn my babysitter. But the hello kitty hot and cold pack would certainly come in handy .. it is not only cute.. it is very handy to use.

Aunty Macy got me a t-shirt.. from Ralph Lauren, mama said.. it’s a good brand t-shirt.. but i don’t know what she meant..  hahah!!  a lil’ bit too big to wear for now.. Aunty Macy.. so i’ll keep it away for now.

And this is from William, he made this for me.  Can you guess what it is..??

It’s a keychain.. !!! i love it.. i sleep with it.. and i bring it to school as well.  Thank you so much .. William.. you are the coolest kid ..!!!  Aunty Macy also bought me a pocket bottle of hand sanitizer to bring to school with me since the flu season is here.  I am guessing she knows Katelynn is always sick.. so she got it for me.. to bring to school .. so that i won’t get sick too.   Everyone asked mama how did Katelynn get mono.. but mama said.. she haven’t got a clue.  Luckily, I am not infected  – that was all mama said.