Fashion Gal

I told mama to take this picture for me.. so that Kai Mah can see me.. with my new cap. Mama bought this for me.. yesterday.. when we were out shopping .. and i wore it this morning to school.  Mama said.. Kai Mah very fashionable.. so I also must dress up fashionably like Kai mah.. hahah!!  I know my kai mah lina would love this cap.

Bye.. bye.. kaimah..! i’m going to school now.  Wait mama set up Skype.. then we can chat with you and Aunty Macy.. and of course William.


  1. Macy

    I LOVE THE CAP!!! Auntie Macy has to get one too! You are going to be one fashionable girl at your school!
    Yes, can’t wait until your mom gets SKYPE so we can chat. William is always asking about Chloe Jeh Jeh!
    Take care!

  2. Lina

    Oh wow, Chloe, u’re such a fashionable Kai Lui! (just like Kai Mah) hahahah Its a beautiful cap! Really pretty 😛

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