Halloween 2009

It’s Halloween today.. and i get to wear my cinderella costume all day in the store but i chose not to until time for treat a tricking.  But i wore it at home before going to the store.  Daddy got me a new costume because my old costume still smell of cigarette the day before Halloween.

But that doesn’t mean that I can go out and buy the most expensive costume.. because daddy said that we don’t spend money like that.  They are trying to teach me the value of money and I can only pick a costume that isn’t too expensive or on sale.

I finally chose the cinderella because this one was the cheapest we can find.  Grammie have to pay daddy back because it is $20 + tax even though it was already on sale.  So when Grammie comes on Tuesday, I’m gonna tell her she owes daddy .. hahaha!!

And no .. Kate didn’t call even though it was Halloween but it was alright because mama said she must be busy and maybe she might turn up in her costume in the evening.  But nope she didn’t but I had so much fun trick a treating with mama and daddy .. that i didn’t really think about it anymore, plus Godma Lynn called from Toronto..!! woohoo..!! to wish me Happy Halloween.

And plus i got to see my friends in their costumes during our school party and we went to visit all the nice houses on various street and even went to visit Sarah and Dominic but Dominic wasn’t home.

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