I Can Read

I can read now – our school started a reading program whereby we have to bring a book home – the book is made by us in class and we practice it at school first.  My teacher then send it back with us.. and gets mummy and daddy to read together with me.  We’ve all been good and read 2 small books already.  It’s not hard and I love reading my book because it makes mummy and daddy so proud of me.  Mama said we can make a  cardboard display with stick figures to tell our own story this weekend.  Mummy and I have been doing reading cards together too.. we have lots to do, since my babysitter had been sick and the doctor said it’s better to let her get rested and get well.  Mama don’t do so much work online now because she needs to spend time with me but I love that I go home with mama everyday because I love my mama.


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