Pumpkin Dressing

It’s Saturday. .and I don’t have to go to school, so after having a late breakfast.. and snuggling with mommy .. we went to work.  Papa went to the Dollar store to get me some sparklies .. to work on my pumpkin dressing with mama.   My babysitter had mono and we didn’t call her back yet because our doctor told us that ppl who has mono gets very tired for a while. Mama said i can be a handful at times, so we didn’t want to stress my babysitter – so we are letting her have more rest.  Mama said we can do other things..  even though the babysitter is not around.

We didn’t go bowling today because it was raining might hard.  Before lunch, we started working on the pumpkins that grammie brought for me on Tuesday.  First we put glue onto the pumpkin – daddy helped with that.

And I worked on putting on the glittery stuff onto my baby pumpkin.  I had so much fun with my mama.  Everyone who came by the store said i did a great job.  We had hours of fun.

I had sparkly all over the place.. when i got thru’ with the pumpkin.  I even went on to do a bigger pumpkin.  After the pumpkin.. we had lunch.. and we went shopping before going home, we even when out to town to pick up a new movie that mama bought for me from a yard sale.

My Chinese Friends

Today is Mr Zhu’s baby’s one month birthday celebration.  They invited mama, daddy and me to their restaurant for a party.  I of course had already eaten at home..  and so did mama but not papa because he had to work.  We went home first.. and then came back to the store.. after i am done bathing and eating.

My friends Jessica and Jasmine were also there.. we had so much fun .. playing hide and seek.. and tag.. and running around the restaurant.  Normally, I wouldn’t be able to run around.. the restaurant.. but today .. the restaurant was closed for this private party.  Too bad .. Katelynn my babysitter have mono.. and can’t come.. else she would love to see baby – Jerven too.

Mama said Jasmine is getting prettier by the day.. she has grown up so much now.. she is 2 yrs old.. and can say a lot of things.  Jasmine mama is Kim.. and she is a good friend of mama.  Kim always remembers my birthday..and Christmas presents too.  We love Jasmine and Kim alot.

Awww..!! so cute..  Jerven is..!

Forever Friends With Sarah

We went to visit Sarah on Thanksgiving day .. before heading out to Grammie’s because I have a Thanksgiving present for Sarah.  I like Sarah a lot and Sarah’s mummy and daddy are the best ppl in town.  They helped us out when the power went off last winter and also whenever we moved .. or whenever daddy needs help with anything.. Sarah’s daddy would come and help us.

Yes.. ! we bought a Swaroski crystal pendant in a wax thread chain for Sarah. Mama said it wasn’t too expensive.. that Sarah can wear it daily.  We hope Sarah will wear it often – and mama hopes that Sarah and I can be forever friends.

Thanksgiving Dress

I went to Grammie’s and Grampie’s for Thanksgiving in my shimmering dress from Auntie Kai Mah.   Even Aunt Helena loves my dress.. and said that Auntie Kai Mah has good taste.  I’m so lucky.. Auntie Kai Mah buys me so many dresses and toys.. and all sorts of goodies.  I also received another package of dresses and clothing and goodies from Auntie Barb last week.  When mama is free, she will post it up for everyone to see.  Thank you .. Auntie Kai Mah.. Thank you .. Auntie Barb & Ashley.

New Barbie

Daddy bought me a new barbie .. because I did my plus and numbers correctly and was a really good girl and help mama do a lot of housework.  I went shopping with daddy and make sure i checked to see if it was on sale before I bought it.  Mama said everything in moderation .. not only in eating.. but also in buying toys because I already have lots of toys.  The tv room is full of my toys.. and so is the kitchen.. and my room.  Even the computer room is not spared. Mama said..  she doesn’t need to diet.. and if you wanna know how to lose belly fat just by picking up all my toys and packing them up once a week is enough of exercise for her.  So Kai Mah and all the aunties and uncles who are thinking of buying me toys .. don’t have to .. because I already have loads of it.

Scooter For Boston

So we finally heard from the babysitter today – well not her.. but her mother.  But i was very lucky because Gary came to visit me more.. and played with me.. after knowing that my babysitter didn’t call.. and then there was Paul who also visited me.. and played with me..  thank you Mr R .. and grammie and aunt helena was in on tuesday to help babysit me too.  And of course, i went for ballet and school everyday .. so i was kept busy.  We even got my bed .. and mattresses.. and the decals from Cameron.. and bought a scooter for Boston .. and bought a new coffee table.. a round one that mama wanted.

I got to play with my friends from the old school.. and also some from the store.  So now we are just waiting for Boston’s daddy to come pick up the scooter for him.. but i think it just might be too big for him.  We’ll wait and see if he likes it or not.

PS :  And i raised $330 for my school – even without babysitter.. who used to bring me around for collecting donations.. we still made good… because of mama’s online friends.  Thank you .. all you aunties out there. And i also won a barbie doll.. because I did my calculation correctly .. all 10 of it.. only slightly one was wrong.

Thanksgiving Apple

We made this in school today..!!! and mama and papa were the ones who gave the candied color marshmallows to the class for us to do our Thanksgiving Apple.  We went shopping the nite before.. and bought 2 packets of it.. although my teacher said.. one is enough.  But you know my mama she likes to give more.. and had offered to get us treats or cakes.  But my teacher said..  just the marshmallows are good, so we got the marshmallows.  I am loving school.. and mama comes peek at me. .every day during break time.  I make heart shape signs with my fingers to tell mama i love her very much.

GoodBye To My Toddler Bed

So i said goodbye to my toddler bed .. and hello to my new twin bed.. that daddy bought for me.  Paul our customer/friend helped to bring my mattress home from Wilson’s or Nelson’s furniture store.  My friend’s daddy gave us a good deal on the mattress. I’m officially not a toddler anymore.

So this is me on my new twin bed.. wtih new sheets and all.  The sheets are made of fleece.. just like the ones.. mama and daddy has.  I am trying out my bed here.

But my bed was so plain..  and my babysitter was supposed to help me paint my bed frame with flowers.. but of course we don’t know when she will be back because her daddy was in yesterday to say that she was still sick.  So mama went to L & N signs..and asked him to print out some daisy decals for me.  And they were awesome there.. and took care of me.

Papa helped me put on the flowers.. while mama cooked .. before daddy left for work again.  Daddy had time to help me.. even though he was late for work.  But since mama said i was more important..  even though we had no babysitter.. .it’s alright.. he said.

Nice .. Auntie Kai Mah .. and Auntie Barb..?? There’s my bear bear .. Auntie Kai Mah..!

As you can see.. we bought a new mattress but a second hand bed frame.. because the ones sold here .. were close to $150 for plain ply wood.. and for solid wood was about $600 – this was is quite sturdy.. and pretty good condition.   We got it from a yard sale online.

This was made after we didn’t hear from the babysitter or her dad – even though they said they would call the next day to let daddy know what was wrong with the babysitter.  So mama went ahead and made the princess decal .. and not wait for my babysitter to help me paint the head board – else the money to make this decal $20 would have been hers – hahhahaha!!  Anyhow, no more bumping my head or legs and hands onto the wall.. or dropping half my body on the floor.. while i roll around the bed while sleeping at nite.

New Toque For The Fall

So there was no babysitter yesterday.. but that’s alright.. mama said she is must be still sick .. but we didn’t hear from her at all – but that’s to be expected.  My babysitter never calls.. when she is sick – we usually have to end up calling her.  I went home to write her a card – to get well soon and to call the store. Mama said that was very nice of me.

So we went shopping yesterday after school.. and mama bought this for me.. from Please Mum.. and i really liked it.. it’s light enough for the fall..  before the snow comes.  Once the snow comes. .i need to wear the toque that Grammie made for me.. and that one covers my neck too.. because I don’t like to wear a scarf.  I get choked – mama said i drama – rama.

So here i am with my new toque.. and playing with my new friend at home – she loves to take pictures too you know – this one was taken by her.

New Blouse To School

I went to school with a new blouse from my Auntie Kai Mah – see I look pretty or not.  This was taken just before i left for school.   I woke up late.. but mama played a racing game with me.. and so i hurry and got dress.. and since it was a new blouse from Auntie Kai Mah.. i didn’t fuss at all .. and got changed really quick.

Some of my school friend never wear dresses or skirts to school.  I feel so special .. and mama said.. it’s alright if my friends didn’t wear any dresses.. because everyone got their own style.  I’m just a blessed lil’ gal who has lots of aunties and auntie kai mah to love me.. and buy me presents.