Getting ready for rollerskating with my friend from my old school.   Yes.. mama still keeps in contact with my friends’ mama from my old schools.. so we can do things together.  Mama said it is important to go for playgroups.. so that i can learn how to share better.

Since i’m older now, mama wants me to try different things .. to build up my strength in the things that i like and also to teach me about team spirit and independence.  Mama said the world is so big out there and she hopes that i can do the things i like and find good friends a long the way.

I love bowling and dancing that’s for sure, roller skating i’m trying out now and later mama said i should go try ice – skating as well at the Mariner Center.  But for now, I have to try a few indoor games because there are so many people sick out there and mama and daddy is trying not to let me go to crowded places for fear of me catching something from someone.

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