Thank You, William

I am indeed a very blessed girl – not only auntie kai mah send me things..  auntie barb sent me things too. .a few weeks ago, but mama haven’t had the time to put them up to show everyone.  But today i received this package from Aunty Macy and William from Vancouver.

I know.. Aunty Macy said not to post it up on mama’s blog… but i want to post it up on my blog.. and also Auntie Kai Mah wants to see pictures.. so i told mama .. but Aunty Macy never said.. not to post it on my blog mah. .. kekekkee!!!   So donch get mad .. Aunty Macy.

Mama didn’t open my package .. because i was in school – and she wants to teach me to respect other ppl’s privacy, therefore, she waited for me.. to come back from school to open it.

See what Aunty Macy got for me..??  a Hello Kitty hot and cold pack .. just in case I don’t feel good. Mama had been looking for something like that.. for me..  just in case i get ill.  Thank God.. !! i haven’t been sick all this time.. that my babysitter was sick.  Mama said.. mono is very contagious.. and luckily she had warned me for months now.. not to kiss my babysitter on the lips.. else i might have gotten mono from her.. and that would not be good.  Grammie said.. when a kid gets mono .. it’s worst than when an adult has it.  Mama and daddy was so relieved.. that I didn’t get infected by Katelynn my babysitter. But the hello kitty hot and cold pack would certainly come in handy .. it is not only cute.. it is very handy to use.

Aunty Macy got me a t-shirt.. from Ralph Lauren, mama said.. it’s a good brand t-shirt.. but i don’t know what she meant..  hahah!!  a lil’ bit too big to wear for now.. Aunty Macy.. so i’ll keep it away for now.

And this is from William, he made this for me.  Can you guess what it is..??

It’s a keychain.. !!! i love it.. i sleep with it.. and i bring it to school as well.  Thank you so much .. William.. you are the coolest kid ..!!!  Aunty Macy also bought me a pocket bottle of hand sanitizer to bring to school with me since the flu season is here.  I am guessing she knows Katelynn is always sick.. so she got it for me.. to bring to school .. so that i won’t get sick too.   Everyone asked mama how did Katelynn get mono.. but mama said.. she haven’t got a clue.  Luckily, I am not infected  – that was all mama said.


  1. Macy

    You are most welcome Chloe. William wanted to get you the stuff. Hope you like it. He loves your picture! Aunty Macy can’t wait to get the December issue of the Parent Magazine with your picture on it. Yes, I am glad that you didn’t get infected from your babysitter. Take care!

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