School Homework

Yes..! sick also must do homework mama said.  I had been sick for 3 days now.. and today is an in-service at school – coz’ it is dumping day.  But daddy brought home my homework from school.. and today mama helped me with my homework after dinner.  I also read another story book from school with mama  but i didn’t need much help because I already know how to read it.  My homework was easy peasy too.. i could do everything on my own.  Mama said it is best she stays home with me.. that way she can teach me what is needed.

Christmas Parade 2009

So we had our Christmas Parade postponed till today . .because it was raining so hard on Saturday.  The weather turned out pretty good today… and after running our errands.. we went home for a quick bite.. and headed back to our store.. and stayed to see the parade.  I enjoyed it a lot .. and collected many candy canes.  This year.. they had more float than last year.  Mama said the float back in Singapore is much more spectacular.

College Fund

Mama always have a college fund for me since i was born.  But I told her I don’t want to go away for school because I am going to miss home and papa very much, so daddy said – these days, you can get an online degree which is just as good if not better.

But mama argued with daddy that online universities are mostly for those who wants to upgrade and even then one has to find the best and reputable school.  This universities are made possible for adults who are working to do their upgrading with flexible hours and great support. And mama said that these online degree have low tuition that people who has family can easily afford it.  I hope that when I am older, I can upgrade without utilizing my entire college fund.

DIY Horsey

Since I have no horse to play Giddy Yup aka horsey..  what can i do..?? mama believes and preach about make shift toys.. so i’ve decided to make a toy horsey too.  I’m feeling a lot better today.. but still have drooly nose.. and stuffy voice.

I drew and i cut.. and then asked daddy to help me put a rubber band.. so i can tame the horse.  Daddy also taped the horsey onto the couch.

I had so much fun .. playing giddy up.. giddy up..!

Bladder Infection

I had a bladder infection which started on Sunday .. after the birthday party.  My pee pee was burning.. and mama asked me to drink lots of water.. to see if my pee pee would stopped hurting.  Come Monday, it was still painful, so mama rushed to the hospital to get a bottle for me to pee inside to send for a lab test.  We couldn’t go in to see my family doctor.. because it was his last week in town – he is leaving for good.  The next morning.. mama took my pee pee and sent it in the hospital .. the results returned the next day .. but my family doctor wouldn’t prescribed any medication till he saw me.

I was already running a temperature.. and having a cold by then.  We did see the doctor.. but besides pressing my tummy.. he didn’t examine me…  but he did prescribed anti-biotics.. and told mama to give me tylenol if my fever persisted. What an awesome doctor eh..? papa said.. he needed to see that he can charge my MSI card.. else he can get penalized for giving me medication without seeing me.. and billing MSI.  So it’s ok for me to suffer..   ??  because i was in so much pain – yet my good doctor can asked mama how she knew i had an infection ..??  What kind of question was that..???  what a funny doctor i have…??  Anyhow i was in the store the whole day.. i didn’t go to school.. so mama brought my robe from home.. so that i can wear it and keep warm.. and sleep if i am tired.

Full Of Wisdom Moment

We were shopping for groceries this evening.. and mama was planning the menu for my birthday party .. that is coming up really soon.  So mama said..  “ahhh.. we can order cinnamon sticks too !” .. and daddy said.. ” yes.. sure.. if that is what you want” .. and I said..  “but the brat wouldn’t eat it!” muahahahhaha!!!

Then while we were driving home.. mama was having hiccups.. and mama said.. “i don’t know why ppl have hiccups..! let me read it up later.”… and i said..  “that’s how our body is being made”  .. hahahhahaha!!! mama laughed till she was in tears..  and daddy said..  ” you are full of wisdom today eh!”

Holden’s Party

I was invited to Holden’s birthday party last Saturday at Mcdonald’s .. and as usual .. they did the same things at Mcdonald’s.  But i had fun.. and it was very nice of Holden’s mummy to invite me.   I met some new friends.. and i had some french fries and apple juice for a snack.  Holden is my classmate at my new school… and he is a pretty smart boy at school.

That’s Holden in front of me.. trying to hit the pins with the balls.  After the birthday.. I thank Holden’s mummy for inviting me.  I hope Holden will come to my birthday party.  I wished i had gone to Alex’s party too.. but we only received his birthday invitation 3 days before the birthday.. so i couldn’t go .. because mama already had other plans for that day.


I have little projects that I do when I am at the store and there is no one to play with. Mama don’t buy expensive toys for me because she knows I will get tired of it easily. But mama encourages that i play with boxes and paper toys..  so when i am in the mood, i make toy houses for my dolls.  i am still waiting for my dollhouse from Grampie, he started on it about 2 years ago but needs to find some ambition to finish it.

I draw and cut everything myself.. and even have the idea of using tooth picks to stick everything up .. so that my doll has a dressing table.. and a dining table.  You see those stickers on the boxes, those are her dresses .. and wardrobe.  A little creativity is always encouraged mama said.

Crashing @ Sarah’s

I went to send out my birthday cards with everybody that i was inviting for my birthday today .. and guess what..??  papa met someone who was into dental implants Plano and stayed and talked to him for a bit.  And we left for Sarah’s house.. and I wanted to stay and play with Sarah, so Papa called mama .. and she said ok.. and i stayed and play with Sarah for abit.  Daddy came and pick me up 30 mins later.. and i had so much fun with Sarah.  After we left Sarah’s .. we went to Isabella’s and Jasmine.. to invite them for my birthday too.  I can’t wait for my birthday to come.   Are you coming too.. Kai Mah..??

1st Parent & Teacher Meet

So today we woke up really early to prepare to go meet my teachers.. this is my first parent & teacher’s meet in my new school.  I’m in Grade Primary again because my French immersion class didn’t work out for me last year.  Mama said my other schools were kinda nazis..  putting me in special class for everything – from writing to cutting papers and also speech therapist, mama said she didn’t need  any Fastin at that time because she was so stressed that i was stressed.   I opted not to go back to my French immersion school even though mama explained to me that it’s a different teacher this year.

Anyhow, i sat outside and played with Cassidy.. while mama and papa spoke with my teachers.  I did very well, and my teachers spoke very kindly of me.  But they hope mama would change my sippy cup to a big gal cup because they don’t want me to be teased by other kids.  So this weekend, mama and papa will bring me to buy a big gals cup to bring to school.  I do like school and i look forward to going to school on Monday.