Playing Bingo

Playing Bingo with mom and dad was what I did today.  Grammie gave this to me .. for Christmas… and I love playing with it.  At first .. i wasn’t too sure.. but now i can recognised the pictures on the tv.. and i know where to put my round things on it.

I have my new PJs on too..  this one is from Santa.

Play Date With Sarah

I had a play date with Sarah today.  For those who don’t know who Sarah is .. Sarah is one of my oldest fren.  We have been friend.. right when i was born.  Sarah’s parents are very good to us..  they always remember my birthday .. and Christmas.  Mama said.. if they have have a travel emergency they can count on Sarah’s parents to take care of me.

Anyhow.. i left after lunch .. for Sarah’s.. and we had so much fun .. and we even baked cookies with Sarah’s mummy.  Sarah asked me to jump on her bed.. but i said no thanks ..! because I didn’t wanna be rude.. and mama had said.. we cannot jump on beds.  I’m gonna have another play date with Sarah on the weekend.. woohoo..!! i can’t wait to go back and play with Sarah – maybe even a sleepover .. Sarah’s mama said.

Calling Asia

It was Christmas Day at Grammie’s .. when I called Auntie Kai Mah in Singapore.. and Auntie Barb and Ashley in Malaysia.  Auntie Kai Mah and Auntie Barb was definitely surprised .. hahahhaha!! i’m glad i called to wish them a Merry Christmas… too bad .. mama didn’t get the number for Auntie Macy.. else i could call William too in Vancouver.

Mama asked me on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day if i wanted to call my babysitter and wish her Merry Christmas… but i didn’t answer mama 4 times.. so mama said.. she gave up.

Santa Came To My House

It’s Christmas morning.. and Santa came to my house..!!! and left me lots of gifts..!!!!  yahhhhh!!!!   Blue Clue’s..!!! my favorite..!!

This year.. i opened all my presents in mama’s room .. because the dining room where the Christmas tree is ..  is still cold.

Some PJs from Santa

Ice cream maker from Santa too…!

A Barbie present from Sherry from the store.

Disney mugs .. for my hot chocolate from Jasmine’s mama.

And a necklace from Kim!

Another present from Santa!

I also had a vest, some gloves from Jessica’s mama, and Petz from Mr B (Skye and Boston’s daddy) , a gift card from Mr R & Marnee, a Santa Globe from Rod and his wife.  I am having a pretty good Christmas.. and more to come..  when i go to Grammie’s.  Daddy said.. Santa .. might have left something for me there too.

Snow Is My Best Friend

Snow is my best friend.. although mama doesn’t like it too much.  So papa and I went out to play before going to work on Christmas eve.

Me trying to throw snow at daddy

Me getting evil now.. hahhaha!!

Daddy is making the snowman over there – can you see it?

Me and daddy playing with snow.

My snowman .. but i didn’t have a carrot for his nose – mama said .. next time.

Me trying to have a snowball fight with daddy.

Present From Mama & Daddy

On my real birthday . .mama and daddy always gets me a gift.  This is the toy they got me – I loved it.. and the reason why I don’t get many toys from mama and daddy is  because I already have lots of toys during my birthday party a few weeks ago.

Mama and daddy’s very important to teach me the value of money .. and that money don’t fall from the sky.  So I only get one toy from them during my birthday.  In the future.. when i’m older .. mama said.. i can ask for different things..  but it had to be only one gift.. and must be those on red tag. hahha!!

Officially 6 Yrs Old!

I turned officially 6 yrs old today and like previous years, papa always buys a small cake for me.. and we have another celebration with my present from papa and mama.  This year was a busy year for daddy at the store .. and he almost forgot about the cake when we were in the mall but it’s a good thing that I reminded him else he might have gotten me just the allergy bedding.

Like previous years .. i also had my birthday a few weeks ahead.. because the weather here in Canada can be kinda crazy.    My Auntie Kai Mah called from Singapore.. and even though i missed her call, since we left for home at 5.30pm..  it’s the thought that counts – mama said.