Drawing @ Jungle Jims

So it was Sunday and we had lots to do at home and for grocery shopping.  We headed to Jungle Jims because we haven’t been there for a long time now.  Like usual i’m always good when i am out eating with mama and papa.  I sat down and started drawing and doing a puzzle and listening to my iPod shuffle.

Do you know what i was drawing..?  i was afraid that the ppl at Jungle Jims didn’t know what i was drawing.. so i had to explain to them.. that it was Dora and boots that i was drawing.. and as soon as i told them, they all said they could see .. it was Dora and boots.

First Chicken Soup

I wasn’t feeling good and i didn’t sleep good last nite .. so mama couldn’t cook for me.  And since i wouldn’t drink any chicken soup – mama told me a story that the gals at Tim Hortons made me a special chinese soup.  So i add all the bow noodles in the soup and had some soup too.  This is the first time I am drinking Chicken soup – yes – i’m still not eating a lot of different kinda soup.. i’m still very fussy with my food.

Kelsey, My Reading Buddy

Kelsey from school is my new reading buddy – she comes by once a week on Saturday to read to me for an hour or 2.  But because I eat so late – I can only have Kelsey come at 3pm and that means – Cousin Leah can’t come play with me.  Mama said – that when I catch up with my reading – then Cousin Leah can come play with me again.  I like both Kelsey and Cousin Leah – they are both very nice to me.

Swarovski Crystal Again!

We were supposed to go to the mall to buy battery for toy but mama ended up buying this new necklace from Crescent for me.  Mama said she bought it because they were on sale – not much but it was reasonable.  We wanted to buy another one for Ashley but they only had one – what a bummer!

Mama said if she starts collecting all these for me now, when i am older .. i would have all sorts to wear. And since kai mah likes swarovski crystal too, mama said they must be value for money because my kai mah got taste.

Do you like my new necklace Kai Mah..??  it’s very like purple in color and it’s shaped like a daisy. Mama bought this like a month ago – i just got to wear it today.

Alvin & The Chipmunks :The Sqeakquels

So we planned on Friday nite to go see a movie in the theaters because mama got all her life insurance quotes done and I learned all my all 6 words for school in 2 days.  Have you watched the movie yet .. Kai Mah..??  it was so funny..  Alvin and his brothers fell in love with the Chipettes.  They are very cute too – if you haven’t watched it – you have to go watch it but mama said it’s more a kid’s movie – so Kor Kor Gerald might not like it.  Anyhow – I just wanted to let you know .. i went for a movie… and it was the bestest day in my life because mama and daddy went to the movies with me.

Back To School

So I went back to school after 1 day of in – service and 2 days of snow days and then another day of me being sick – so mama who was helping a friend with her utilities job search can’t do anything because I was home the whole week.   And she had lots of work to do but had to put it off till i go to bed every night.  I had fun at school today and even got to go out and play with everyone – a good day definitely.   Mama said i can’t be late for school and that she and papa gotta make sure they sleep early too.

Grammie’s Birthday

It was Grammie’s birthday today but we celebrated it with Grammie yesterday with a cake – I sang grammie a birthday song.. and i blew out the candle.. hahahha!! not grammie.. because i love blowing candles.  I ate some cake and daddy had some too.. but not too much… and mama didn’t eat any.. because she had a blood test coming up soon, so she said.. she better be good.

Making CupCakes With Grammie

So we were at Grammie’s on Sunday . .and after our sliding and having our supper – Grammie and I baked some cupcakes !   I love helping Grammie with baking and all the sprinkles and chocolate bits  – in fact I did all the things Grammie asked me to do.  I even used a electric beater for stirring the butter, flour, sugar and milk together.  It turned out awesome and it didn’t even take long to bake the cupcakes – but mama can’t eat them because she doesn’t want to be obese she said and since she is diabetic – she can only eat  foods that burn fat .   To read all about my cupcake making session with Grammie – you can check it out at Mama’s food blog in a day or two.

Playing In The Snow Again

Mama had to read some acne product reviews and wanted to stay home but since Grammie called to say that there were enough snow to go sliding/sledding – we headed up to Port Maitland.  But we had to detour to get gas for the car and some skewer chicken for mama from M & M and then we had to head home to get daddy’s inhaler.

We played behind Grampie’s back yard – yes all of this land belongs to Grampie.  And off i went sliding – not a bit scared at all – but mama was.. hahahha!

There was daddy taking a go at it – he was a lot braver, he went down on his tummy – he went down on his knees.. and then he tried on his bum.  The snow wasn’t as smooth today – it was hard on our bums and knees.

That’s me walking up the hill with Grammie and going for another slide down the hill.  Daddy was right behind us.

There me .. going down the hill again – mama said i was like a pro.

Me walking up the hill alone because daddy and grammie were very tired already.

Sleding @ The Golf Course

Late for school again – this time it was the alarm clock that mama and daddy didn’t turn on.  Good job ..  mama and daddy..!!  *thumbs up* !  I was nearly late for sliding/sleding at the golf course with my school.  We arrived just in time – and i didn’t even get to change but put on my snow pants immediately.   Anyhow – mama left me in school and went to help a friend who wanted advice on natural treatment for depression .  I had so much fun!! and i was holding on to Madison so tightly because the  hill was so high up but i had fun.  And in the evening, we drop by Isabella’s to give her mummy and daddy a bottle of wine that we had bought for them for Christmas.  And i started hacking again .. bummer!