Spending Quality Time With Daddy

Today we didn’t visit Grammie – because Grammie was in to visit me a few times – since Godma was in town – so we stayed home to catch up on cleaning the house and going thru’ my school work.  I played games with daddy – went shopping for a bit and then came home and had my favorite puffs.  I didn’t wanna try it at first but daddy made me try it .. and i fell in love with it now .. and wanna eat it everyday – but mama said everything in moderation.

Godma Lynn’s Short Weekend 2010

This is Godma Lynn’s first visit this year – as usual – it was only a short visit – a short weekend.  But I guess it was because she was sending Aunt Helena home from Toronto but this time we got to spend a few hours before she had to leave.  I showed Godma Lynn a scrapbook I had made for myself and I had another one that I sent to Singapore for my Kai Mah – Lina.  Godma Lynn comes back to Yarmouth at least a few times a year but each time – it is only a very short visit – very bummer.  I wonder when Kai Mah will come visit – I asked mama but mama said now that there is no plane coming from Halifax to Yarmouth, we may have to fly out to Toronto to meet Kai Mah – but that’s alright because we can use a vacation.

Gifts From Jen Jie Jie From Toronto

Jenn Jie Jie from Toronto had asked Godma Lynn to bring home a package of goodies for mama and I  – no it wasn’t textbooks silly!  it was food and toys and all sorts of Hello Kitty stuff.   Jenn Jie Jie has her own blog, they are called www.passion4food.ca and www.charmoflove.ca – do visit her blog whenever you can everyone.  She is absolutely nice to me – Godma Lynn said Jenn Jie Jie is very pretty – I hope to meet her sometime when I go to Toronto for a short visit.  Thank you so much – Jenn Jie Jie – mama and I will be sending you a Easter card real soon.

Thank You, Aunty Macy & Aunty Barb

Remember the Valentine package that came from Aunty Macy & William from Vancouver..??   The Olympic toque was in the package all the way from Vancouver – because we are having the Winter Olympics in Vancouver this year.   Mama said – Aunty Macy is so thoughtful just like Aunty Barb – to send me this toque to remember the Winter Olympics by.  Anyhow I also received something from Aunty Barb from KL – Malaysia – an ANG POW!!  an Ang Pow is a lucky envelope that contains lucky money for the Chinese New Year – and since i’m half Chinese I get to collect ang pows – Thank you – Aunty Barb – this will go towards my college fund.  Mama said it’s a lot of money that Aunty Barb sent!

Full Marks For Words

About 6 weeks ago, the school started giving us 10 words a week to learn – we missed the first week because i was sick and we had gotten the 2nd weeks one when mama realised that we didn’t have the first weeks.  Anyhow, we started learning our second weeks words when i had diarrhea and didn’t finish all the words.  The third week came and went .. and i was still struggling with my words.  By the fourth week, i kind settled down  and today – i came back with full marks for my Week 4 words.  Daddy said he is so proud of me – so i earned $2 for getting full marks.  Mama said this is even better than getting the best weight loss supplements.. hahah!

Snow Day Again

It was a snow day again today – so i didn’t have to go to school.  We were also late for work because Daddy and Mama had to shovel the driveway first – but they needed to cook breakfast for me – then daddy needed to shower after shoveling for an hour while mama cooked dinner – and made soup for tonite.  Mama cannot read up on relacore because we were so late but she will do so when i am sleeping she said.   So i was bored and decided to play with playdoh and made food for mama – you see the brown pieces there..??  they are tofu. !! hhahahaha!!!  Mama said i’m pretty good at it.  I don’t know how many more snow days we are going to get – but i sure don’t like it because I wanna go to school.  What about you ..?? do you like going to school – Kor Kor Gerald and William..?

Valentine’s Gift From William & Aunty Macy

I came back from school today and guess what was in the mail for me..??  Yes !! a Valentine’s Day gift all the way from Vancouver and also another from Toronto!   William and Aunty Macy from Vancouver sent this gift for me by Xpresspost!  they are so awesome..!! in it was a card from William – a chocolate lollipop and a very special gift from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver ! it’s a pink color toque from the Winter Olympic games ! woohoo!! Mama will take a picture of it .. when i wear it next.  Thank you .. Auntie Macy and William – mama said you are too kind to me..!  But mama said the gift from Toronto must be eye cream for dark circles because i slept late again !

But nope .. it’s not!! mama was just joking with me.. ! it’s a Valentine’s card from Aunt Helena and in it .. she said.. she missed me.  So sweet of Aunt Helena.. but she’s coming back soon with Godma Lynn.. later this month.   I also got an ang pow too from Godma Lynn – mama said it will go into my college fund.

Chinese New Year Celebration

We were invited by Sarah’s mummy for a Chinese New Year Celebration at her home and then dinner at a local Chinese restaurant.  There were other children too – Chinese Canadian kids just like myself and they are all friends of mama or Sarah’s mummy. The adults were all chatting about everything and anything and about diet supplements review while we children played and eat.

This is Jasmine – Aunty Kim’s daughter –  she is 3 yrs old but what a trooper she is! she eats everything and anything – she is so adventurous and she never cries when she takes a fall.

Mama said Jasmine gets prettier every time she sees her – soon Jasmine might have a little brother or sister – mama said, i bet she will be a good big sister.

This is the other Canadian Chinese gal we met for the first time – she is very nice and so are her parents – they even had a present for all of us – it was a chinese bag. Mama said they are so nice – we must remember to give them an ang pow the next time we see them.  I had a great time !  we will meet again – mama hope that we can all be friends.

GoodBye Toddler Bed

I said goodbye to my toddler’s bed one last time today.  Daddy sold it at the store for $75 – which wasn’t the original price that he wanted it for – but because it was taking up too much space – he just let it go for cheap.  Mr B even offered to help the lady who bought it send to her house – very nice of Mr B indeed.  Mama said with the money for the bed – it was going to my college fund even though she was eyeing on some safe weight loss pills . hahah!!   The bed frame was paid by Grammie i think and the mattress was paid by mama and daddy – so mama said by right it should go back to savings – so daddy gotta remember to put it in my bank.  Was I sad? mama thought i was gonna be sad – but i wasn’t – i said goodbye bed and hugged it one last time and let it go and i went back to playing with my book buddy.

Aye Aye Mate!

Mama said if anyone wants a quick weight loss they have to have a creative and a active kid as I am.  I’m a very creative lil’ gal and can barely sit still.  So this afternoon, after coming back from school, guess what I did..??  I wanna make a pirate ship !  of course, I wanted to make some flags for my ship and tried using a plastic bag for my flag but you see i don’t have a stick so long, instead I used our Canada’s flag that were leftover from Seafest. Then I taped them all by myself and went sailing on my pirate ship.

But guess what?  where is my pirate’s hat?  so I tried to paste some cardboards together and it didn’t work, so daddy cut out a Pepsi box and made me a pirate hat.  Aye Aye Mate!