Happy Birthday Kyle

Kyle is my neighbour and he turned 4 today and yesterday i was invited to his birthday party at the bowling alley.  I love bowling as much as playing on the playstation 3 , so when i had to wait for my turn – i didn’t like it.  I was whining so much that mama had to ask Mr B to open another lane fo me to play.  Mama said i was being very rude – after the party and explained to me why i cannot do that else i won’t have any friends.  I still don’t know how to share and I like everything to be done my way – and i can cry easy – like turning on the tap.  Mama said she is writing this down – so that when I grow up – i will know what a naughty lil’ girl i was.   Daddy wasn’t too happy – he said luckily we know Mr B – else – no one was gonna give us special treatment.  Mama said she hopes Kyle’s mama wasn’t upset with me – for being so rude.

Parents & Teachers Meet @ New School

Today was the parents and teachers meet at my new school – first time for mama and daddy and it wasn’t too, too cold – so mama allowed me to wear this warm cloak from Kai Mah Lina.  Kai Mah sent it last year during summer – so that i can have it to wear during winter.   I love it so much – it’s so warm and furry – I wished i could wear it all the time – but mama said it’s not warm enough.

So while mama met up with my home room teacher – i went to the book fair – mama made sure i didn’t go into the canteen where there were stainless steel drums – because she didn’t want me to be mischievous and play with the drums.   I looked at all the books and taught the ladies there how to speak in chinese, french and spanish.  Then mama bought 2 books for me – we already bought one during the book fair yesterday with my class.  My home room teacher said i was too new for her to say anything about me – but so far she didn’t have any trouble with me.  We went back to the store after the parents and teachers meet and it was drizzling then.  Luckily, I have a hood with this cloak – it protected me and teddy from the rain.

Easter Bunny

I’m preparing the the Easter Hunt on Easter day – every easter – we join the local church for the easter hunt – but this year I told mama I want to go as a bunny rabbit.  So i went to find myself something to wear on Easter day for the hunt.  But I’ve also received a few invites from friends from school and friends from the store to join them at their home for Easter as well.  There is a BBQ that mama wants to go to – but I think we need to work on Easter as well, so mama said I can still go for other things with daddy while she looks after the store.

New Rain Boots

It is gonna be raining for the rest of the week and papa rushed out to get my rain boots for me after work.  But he had forgotten to get spring rolls from Auntie Soo Lee for mama and didn’t do the review for slimquick side effects because i’m more important he said.  I like my new rain boots – it’s pink in color and has polka dots and heart shape like the ones mama said she was gonna get for me.  Papa is getting to be really good in buying stuff for me these days – but mama said he’s got to .. because mama doesn’t get to go shopping very much these days .. as she is stuck in the store.   I’m feeling better now..  and can go back to school tomorrow.  I do miss my friends from my old school though.

Low Grade Fever

I was at Grammie’s yesterday after she had her bake sale – and i came home late and slept late.  This morning I woke up with a fever – what a bummer – because tomorrow school starts again.  We stayed at home the whole day and daddy wasn’t able to go shopping for his muscle builders because he was sniffing too and mama wanted us both to rest.   Poor mama – didn’t get to go out at all when i was on Spring break – and can’t even go out again today – her only day off.  Anyhow, my fever came on and off the whole day and mama didn’t get much sleep because she was worried sick.  I won’t be going to school tomorrow because mama said she won’t risked it like the first time i was in school.

The Lodge

I’m off to Grammie’s again  – this time we are going to the Lodge in Hectanooga at Briar’s Lake.  I had so much fun with Grammie and Aunt Helena yesterday that I told mama i’m going again tomorrow – but today i brought along my bracelet to remind me of mama and daddy. Mama must be very happy – because she can do her colon cleanse reviews without me having to ask for attention the whole day.

I brought a long my teddy of course and sun screen – my sunglasses and extra clothing and glue sticks and my book that i am making with Grammie and Aunt Helena.  I’m wearing my spring jacket from Godma Lynn from last Easter – Godma Lynn loves buying clothes that are big for me – so we have to remember to bring them out when i am big enough to wear them.  We found many clothing that Godma Lynn and Aunt Helena bought last year that were worn.

Going To Grammie’s On My Own

I’m going to Grammie’s on my own today – daddy will send me there .. and pick me up after supper.  This is the first time i’ll be staying at Grammie’s for the day without mummy and daddy.  I was a bit nervous before i left.. but as soon as I went to Grammie’s .. i didn’t even remembered why i was nervous.. hahhahaha!!!  I had so much fun at Grammie’s – we baked a cake..   we planted peas.. digged worms.. and cut magazines.. and made a book .. and had potatoes and ham for lunch and supper.  Mummy is so proud of me.. because i didn’t even have to call her.. on the phone. I’m going to Grammie’s tomorrow again.. woohoo..!!

Cake I made with Grammie – the little flags are from Auntie Anna from USA.

March Break

Today is March break – we don’t have to go to school for a week.   It is a warm day today.. so i’m having some ice cream with mummy – well mummy didn’t eat the ice cream.. but i did.  My book buddy came to read to me .. and we played a bit at the park – we went to the library together.. and then we headed for toots for a snack – too bad Kelsey is only here for 2 hrs – else we can play some more  -but never mind.. i’m going to Grammie’s on Wednesday and I’m gonna be a big girl – but I’m a bit nervous.

Shopping With Daddy

Shopping with daddy is fun – we do silly stuff together .. like going into a cart .. and daddy pile up all the toilet papers and tissue papers and i would hide in it – mama gets a good laugh and it makes me happy that i can make daddy and mummy happy.   But today we were shopping again.. and daddy got stopped by the pharmacist who was talking about  testosterone booster , so mama and I went along the other side of the mall and continued shopping.  I was hiding in the pile of paper towels.. hahahaha!!  can you see me..??

The Library Book From School

I had brought home this library book from my new school and while daddy went out to collect his tuxedo from the dry cleaners – I told mama to call the school/my teacher.  Why? because i panic and thought maybe i shouldn’t have brought the library book home.   Mama said she will talk to my teacher tomorrow but I insisted she call.  So when daddy got home he called but there was no answer at the school.

I was kinda worried because I didn’t want to get into trouble at school – but the next day, mama spoke to my home room teacher and she said – yup they were to take home and return the next week.   Whew! what a relief!  Do you like my froggie book?  i loved it!