Parents & Teachers Meet @ New School

Today was the parents and teachers meet at my new school – first time for mama and daddy and it wasn’t too, too cold – so mama allowed me to wear this warm cloak from Kai Mah Lina.  Kai Mah sent it last year during summer – so that i can have it to wear during winter.   I love it so much – it’s so warm and furry – I wished i could wear it all the time – but mama said it’s not warm enough.

So while mama met up with my home room teacher – i went to the book fair – mama made sure i didn’t go into the canteen where there were stainless steel drums – because she didn’t want me to be mischievous and play with the drums.   I looked at all the books and taught the ladies there how to speak in chinese, french and spanish.  Then mama bought 2 books for me – we already bought one during the book fair yesterday with my class.  My home room teacher said i was too new for her to say anything about me – but so far she didn’t have any trouble with me.  We went back to the store after the parents and teachers meet and it was drizzling then.  Luckily, I have a hood with this cloak – it protected me and teddy from the rain.


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