Speech Therapy

There we go again ! while at South the teachers said they can understand me perfectly well – but at the new school – they recommended that I go fro speech therapy.  I asked mama if I am not as smart when mama told me about this reading class – but mama said no – it was just like fun games that they will play with me – and read with me and teach me how to pronounce properly.  But mama and daddy decided that we will wait till next year before i go for this speech therapy – so that i can settle in school first.  But today, another teacher wants me to hold the pencil her way – but i already told them – i’m comfortable holding my way.  So daddy gotta write to my teachers again.  There we go again!

Magic Show @ The Yarc

There was a magic show coming to town at The Yarc – and as soon as they announced it in early April this year – daddy went to get the tickets for the show, for  grammie, mummy, me and himself.  So we were so looking forward to it.  Michael Bourada is the name of the illusionist and it’s not like the traditional magic show with top hats and disappearing and appearing of rabbits.  This show has special effects and lighting and real music.   We were all very excited but alas, last friday when coming back from the Beacon park in the car, we heard the announcement that he canceled because of a sudden death in the family.  Mama said – even our best laid plans are not that the best eh.  We just got our refund today – and Micheal Bourada may come back in the fall – so maybe I will get to see him then.

Eating Out @ Pizza Delight

We didn’t got to Grammie’s today because I had already gone after my hip hop dancing yesterday.  I spent a day at Grammie’s playing outdoors and planting stuff with lots of digging involved.  I even went on the treadmill just for fun – so I’m giving Grammie a break this Sunday.   We went to cut our hair after breakfast but we were late because I had to poop – so mama ended up not having a hair wash with Francine.

We had lunch at Pizza Delight – even though I wanted to go to Jungle Jim’s or Zeller’s Diner but of course – no one wants to go there.  I had some nuggets and fries but as usual – didn’t finished my nuggets – mama had to eat one for me and i ate the other 2.  Lunch wasn’t that good – because Pizza Delight didn’t have any drawing paper or crayons for me to doodle on.  They also don’t have presents for kids who finishes their food nor a fish pond.  I don’t like Pizza Delight but I guess mama wants a change.  Daddy?  he eats anything or nothing is fine with him.

Fashion Show For Mama’s Birthday

For mama’s birthday this year – I didn’t buy her a present nor drew her a birthday card.  While she was reading about  hgh releaser , Aunt Helena and I set up a chair and table to do a fashion show for mama.  Of course, it wasn’t me doing the fashion change but TEDDDYYYYY!!!  Teddy is a good helper you know and my best friend – i can’t go anywheres without teddy.   Anyhow, Aunt Helena – found all the clothes for Teddy to change for the fashion show and mama said i was such a smart cookie.

Here is Teddy in another outfit – we had a few outfit in fact for the fashion show – but I’m just showing everyone a few that way – you don’t get too bored.  What do you think – Kai Mah? do you like my fashion show?  Do you like my dress?  it’s one from Aunty Shirley from Malaysia – do you remember?  thank you Aunty Shirley – i love this dress very much and the red one – when summer comes and it gets warmer – i can wear it out without a sweater.

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! this year I get to celebrate earth day with my school and my friends – we are preparing to sing a song during school assembly. Parents are invited to come join us if they want but mama said – she probably need to stay at the store because it had been busy lately and she have some colon cleanse reviews to do.   I told mama it’s alright if she doesn’t come but I’m wearing a pretty dress tomorrow – a fancy one.

But I’m also here to tell you what i do after school – usually i have a snack after school and then i would either draw or write my own story book.  I also go thru’ my homework with mama – and learn new words – and i practice my reading too before going home.   I also watch movies and cartoons too at the store or play a game or two.  If the weather is good – papa will bring me to the park.  I just told mama tonite that i didn’t like Math – my favorite is English.   I do like school and I enjoy all the activities that this school has more than the old school – but i do miss my old school and all the friends and teachers there.

Bumped My Head Again

Yes, Kai Mah – i bumped my head again – while trying to drag my story books from under the computer table instead of waiting for mama to help me.  Mama said – luckily it wasn’t a electric grill that i was trying to haul out – else i would be in bad shape.  You see, Kai Mah – i wasn’t being bad – i wanted to make my own story book, so i had to get the ones with the princess to draw out the story to make one – but mama was so engrossed in helping someone on the internet because they couldn’t get into mama’s blogs – so i went ahead and tried to get my own books.

I had a little scratch on my forehead and there was a little blood – and Kai Mah you should know how i am with blood – so i freaked right out.  Mama stopped and was really sad – because she said she wasn’t a good mom and took care of her internet stuff first before me.  I told mama – it’s alright – i didn’t hurt so much anymore after using Aunty Macy’s cold pack that she sent last year.

That night mama didn’t work on the internet and promised that no one was more important than I.  So Kai Mah you don’t have to worry no more and can you please tell all the aunties and uncles on mama’s blog not to panic when they can’t get onto mama’s blog.  Mama got me to look after – and to cook for and feed – I’m quite a handful kid sometimes – mostly i’m good – but i have no patience -so if i don’t get the attention – i just might hurt myself.  Thank you Kai Mah!

Whizzing & Asthma

I’ve had the worst cough and cold for the longest time – and the last time we saw Dr Lehay – she recommended that if I had difficulty in breathing – Papa should let me use a puffer.  But because I’m so young, I have to use this – with my puffer.  I do not like it – and the puffer makes me puke – but papa showed me how he used his and so i tried.  I still don’t like it but mama said even if i didn’t like it – i’ll have to use it – because I’m whizzing at times especially in the mornings.  Papa had to clean out all the door mats just in case the dust collected on them are causing me to whizz more – upon mama instructions.   So poor papa got more work to do.

Hockey Game At The Mariner’s Center

We had a class trip today and we took the school bus for it.  We went to the Mariner’s Center for a hockey game – it was awesome.  I didn’t get any prizes but some of my friends did get souvenirs.  The game was between the YCS Hockey team vs Staff/Friends – my gym teacher – Mrs Leblanc was playing hockey there too. Mama and Papa can come to the rink to join us – but they had to work and mama didn’t wanna do anything with the school – since they accused mama of calling my friends over the fence – mama didn’t – so mama said to avoid any misunderstanding – best not to do too much with the school.  But i had fun – although i almost knocked my face when the school bus bumped on the potholes on the way to the rink.

Healthy Week @ School

Starting from Monday – we were asked to bring only healthy snacks to school and those who does – they get to play a game – called Dodge Ball and win prizes at school.  So i told papa – who does the preparation for snacks in the morning – to only give me healthy snacks.  So far – I brought granola bars, pretzels, fruits, blueberry muffins to school.  I cannot bring yogurt because snack time is outdoors and we have to bring our snacks out to eat while playing.  I can’t sit down and eat because I wanna play with my friends.  So my healthy snacks has got to be light and easy to eat and i can throw away easily into a garbage bag.

Trip To Digby

Yesterday, we went on a trip to Digby – because Mama wanted to do something different for her birthday celebration.  Yes, I know her birthday was a few days ago, but because Papa had to work – we can’t do anything special for mom.   So while mom was helping her friend with a DC job search , daddy said we would go to Digby to the Farmer’s market.

It was a long drive about an hour away but it seems like more to me.  When we arrived – we stopped at Macdonalds to have some french fries and then we went in search of the Farmer’s Market – but there wasn’t too much to see – but there was a jewellery stand and mama bought this bracelet for me.  It was $12 – pretty expensive – according to Mama, but she bought it for me anyhow.  We had lunch at Digby too – but i didn’t eat anything except a few mouthful of fish from daddy’s plate – then we headed to Grammie’s for a bit.   It was a different kind of Sunday – maybe next week we can do something else.