Sand Dollar

I’m back at school today – after being sick for a week now – and I had an amazing time – because i really like my teacher.  She gave me a sand dollar to bring home and mama said that i learned more than she did when she was my age.  School was quite different for mama when she was in Singapore – they don’t have all these things – to show their students back during mama’s time – so mama is really amused whenever i come back with new things to show her.  I even get riddles to bring home – to show mama – so even though mama was looking for  cheap prescription glasses online – she stopped to see my sand dollar.

What is a sand dollar? Sand dollar is a name used for many species of flattened, burrowing sea urchins found in the ocean water.  It can also be found in temperate and tropical zones.  Sand dollar is like a fossil washed up on beaches.   So if you see something like the above picture or the one i got back from school – you know it is a sand dollar.

Hawaii Kitty From Build A Bear

We were up in the city with mummy while daddy was looking for  thingsfor Grampie and mama had an eye appointment.  So a few weeks ago – we went up together – i skipped school on Monday and went with them.   Our first stop was build a bear – because i wanted to buy a dress for Teddy – but when i saw this Hawaii Hello Kitty – i reminded mama that one of her friend said they found one for me a few months ago.  I was waiting and waiting for it – but it never arrived – mama said she must have heard wrongly – her bad – so she bought this one for me instead.   So daddy said – they must never tell me anything – else I will never let it go – and will remind mama all the time.  I wasn’t being bad or anything – just that mama felt bad for me – because i was waiting a long time.  Do you like my Hello Kitty Hawaii – Kai Mah?  i bet you like it.

Staying Healthy

So I puked and puked and puked for like 6 days now – and today is the only day that I stopped puking.  I hope I am on my road to recovery, so that mama doesn’t need prototype 37c for her wrinkles – she ain’t no spring chicken anymore – like my grammie used to say.

So I’m taking everything in small doses – and only eating waffle for lunch and crackers for supper – i drank water and i get to eat freezies.  Mama got mad with me today because I didn’t want to take my medication – she said she is monster mom 101 here today.   Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day for all of us – but I am still not well enough for school – so i have to stay home for another day.

Sick Diet

So it has been a few days now and i’m still sick.  I wake up bright and chirpy in the morning and have some waffles and water.  Come the afternoon – i have some soup and crackers and then everything goes downhill.  I would puke a few times and then have tummy cramps – roll on my dora bed and not eating for the rest of the day – fall asleep and just get a wipe down and then go to bed – still in pain.  But there is nothing mama could do – because the doctor gave us no medication.  Tomorrow – daddy is bringing me back to my family doctor this time in the morning – to see if they can do anything else.  I haven’t been this sick before – mama is very worried.  Luckily, i didn’t have to go to school yesterday and today because it was in service and Monday and Tuesday was orientation day for the Grade Primary of next year’s class.  Everyone of mama’s friends from all over the world is praying for me.  Thank you to all Aunties and Uncles out there.

Throwing Up & Stomach Cramps

We were in the emergency room earlier today because i had been throwing up and having tummy cramps since last nite at about 1.30am.  Woke up feeling sick and puked in the bedroom even though i tried to rush to the bathroom.  Some went on the carpet and i felt so bad – and said sorry to mama.  Mama said it was alright – it wasn’t my fault.

So we headed to the hospital in the afternoon and luckily we didn’t have to wait too, too long.  The doctor was from Ohio, USA – Dr Edgar – he was very nice – but didn’t give me any medication – but told mama that i have to wait it out. So poor me – sick and sicker and puke and puke more.

Me & Daddy

Me & my daddy  @ Jungle Jims a few weeks ago  – i love eating at Jungle Jims although mama and daddy like to try new things.  But i always win – because i would whine and whine – till we go to Jungle Jims and the only thing i would eat is fish and chips – so daddy said it’s a waste of time bringing me out to eat.  But mama makes me take a customary pictuer whenever we go out to eat – and this is what i always do – so she needs to snap a lot of pictures – in order to get a good one.  But i’m usually good when we go out to eat – i think i like Jungle Jims because they have drawings and coloring to keep me busy and at the end of the meal – i get to choose a present from the treasure box.  Oh !  i also like Jungle Jims because of the fishes and the fish pond there.

New Bike

So daddy and mama bought me a new bike a few weeks ago – i figured it has gotta be because mama keep saying i need a new bike – because my old Dora bike is very small for me now.  But i never complained because i still ride on my Dora bike fine.  But mama said i was getting taller and makes it hard for me to right fast and peddle properly.

So finally daddy and mama found a bike at Walmart but they insisted on putting them together before selling it to us but they didn’t put it together well, because the training wheels were a lot lower than the wheels so it was peddling on a stationary bike instead of a bike –  bike – if you know what i mean.  I wasn’t too impressed with Walmart – i tell you that – neither was my daddy – because he ended up fixing it himself.

Good Helper

I’m a really good helper – if you don’t know by now.  Mama lets me help out in the kitchen if i asked her – mostly i don’t because i wanna watch my show – but sometimes when i have nothing to do – i will help mama wash my bottles. So while mama reads her human growth hormone article – and sits and watch me go at the bubbles – I am doing something i like very much – playing with bubbles.

I could even rinse the bottles if mama lets me – but usually – sh only lets me scrub them – while she does her own thing and once i’m done – i washed my hands and then i go play and get ready to bath.    But mama said she lets me do all these things because she wants to make sure that I will know how to help out for real when i am older – this i have to remember with my own kids – she said.  But i like helping mama – because it makes me feel important.

I Wanna Go To School!

I love my school and i love going to school –  and even though i say i don`t have friends at my new school – mama said it wasn`t  thru`because – mama checks on me at school everyday without letting me see her.  She uses her Canon camera and take pictures of me and my friends play all the time – of course – she doesn`t take my friends – just me.  But i do like school and never want to miss going to school.  When I am late and mama threatened and said – no school for you  – i would start crying.  So i do like school and i do get to do a lot of things at school.  Next year – daddy said that i have to get some help with my speech but this year – they just want me to fit and settle in.

Dentist Yearly Check Up

So i had my dentist appointment today – but mama didn’t tell me till today – because you see they used to – tell me in advance to prepare me but instead i got all stressed up – so now they only tell me on the day of the appointment – so i’m only stress up for a few hours.  I usually don’t like to go to the dentist because i don’t like them to use the mirror in my mouth and i don’t like them to brush my teeth but this trip was different because mama was right – i’m all grown up now and i don’t mind it so much.  Plus the Hygienist was really good and made me laugh all the time and was really patient with me.

I even got a present from her  after my appointment – it is a dinosaur pencil thingie.  But my teeth was a bit yellowish and she thinks maybe it might be the cold medication or the multiple vitamin that stained my teeth – but the cleaning up took care of everything.  See my teeth all shiny and from now on – i have to brush my teeth twice a day and my back molars are also coming in – so daddy has to brush my teeth for me sometimes that way he can get the back of my teeth properly.   And yes ! it’s my daddy who does my teeth and my fingernails for me.