Dentist Yearly Check Up

So i had my dentist appointment today – but mama didn’t tell me till today – because you see they used to – tell me in advance to prepare me but instead i got all stressed up – so now they only tell me on the day of the appointment – so i’m only stress up for a few hours.  I usually don’t like to go to the dentist because i don’t like them to use the mirror in my mouth and i don’t like them to brush my teeth but this trip was different because mama was right – i’m all grown up now and i don’t mind it so much.  Plus the Hygienist was really good and made me laugh all the time and was really patient with me.

I even got a present from her  after my appointment – it is a dinosaur pencil thingie.  But my teeth was a bit yellowish and she thinks maybe it might be the cold medication or the multiple vitamin that stained my teeth – but the cleaning up took care of everything.  See my teeth all shiny and from now on – i have to brush my teeth twice a day and my back molars are also coming in – so daddy has to brush my teeth for me sometimes that way he can get the back of my teeth properly.   And yes ! it’s my daddy who does my teeth and my fingernails for me.

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