Good Helper

I’m a really good helper – if you don’t know by now.  Mama lets me help out in the kitchen if i asked her – mostly i don’t because i wanna watch my show – but sometimes when i have nothing to do – i will help mama wash my bottles. So while mama reads her human growth hormone article – and sits and watch me go at the bubbles – I am doing something i like very much – playing with bubbles.

I could even rinse the bottles if mama lets me – but usually – sh only lets me scrub them – while she does her own thing and once i’m done – i washed my hands and then i go play and get ready to bath.    But mama said she lets me do all these things because she wants to make sure that I will know how to help out for real when i am older – this i have to remember with my own kids – she said.  But i like helping mama – because it makes me feel important.

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