Hawaii Kitty From Build A Bear

We were up in the city with mummy while daddy was looking for  thingsfor Grampie and mama had an eye appointment.  So a few weeks ago – we went up together – i skipped school on Monday and went with them.   Our first stop was build a bear – because i wanted to buy a dress for Teddy – but when i saw this Hawaii Hello Kitty – i reminded mama that one of her friend said they found one for me a few months ago.  I was waiting and waiting for it – but it never arrived – mama said she must have heard wrongly – her bad – so she bought this one for me instead.   So daddy said – they must never tell me anything – else I will never let it go – and will remind mama all the time.  I wasn’t being bad or anything – just that mama felt bad for me – because i was waiting a long time.  Do you like my Hello Kitty Hawaii – Kai Mah?  i bet you like it.

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