Me & Daddy

Me & my daddy  @ Jungle Jims a few weeks ago  – i love eating at Jungle Jims although mama and daddy like to try new things.  But i always win – because i would whine and whine – till we go to Jungle Jims and the only thing i would eat is fish and chips – so daddy said it’s a waste of time bringing me out to eat.  But mama makes me take a customary pictuer whenever we go out to eat – and this is what i always do – so she needs to snap a lot of pictures – in order to get a good one.  But i’m usually good when we go out to eat – i think i like Jungle Jims because they have drawings and coloring to keep me busy and at the end of the meal – i get to choose a present from the treasure box.  Oh !  i also like Jungle Jims because of the fishes and the fish pond there.

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