I was still sick today – so mama kept me home from school – and I’m feeling much better now – but today we went to the library and did something meaningful as a family – plus mama needed to look for some   best fat burning exercise to borrow from the library.  You see we went to adopt a book at the library to honor my great grandmother – Bertha Rose.  I’ve never met her before – but mama said it was a good thing to do – so that people who benefits from the books we adopted will remember Nana kindly.  Mama said when she is not here anymore  – we have to remember her too. Silly mama!

This was one of the books we adopted – do you like it?

A Toy Kitchen

Mama is preparing for the summer and bought this for me from the yardsale.  It is bigger than the one i have at home and a lot prettier.  Mama figured this will go to Grammie’s for the summer – so i’ll have more stuff to play with and i can cook for Grammie, Grampie and Aunt Helena.  This kitchenette makes noise like washing and cooking noises.  I love it!  Would you come play with me..??

Pencil Holding

So mummy was looking for some spirometers for her friend and I asked my mama  if i could hold my pencils the way i wanted or must i hold the pencil the teachers wanted me to?  I wanted to cry because i don’t like the way the teachers wanted me to hold my pencil – it just hurt too much.  So mama asked daddy to write a note for my teacher to let me hold the pencil the way i want and that I will change when i am ready.

But mama is worried because i do have an odd way of holding my pencils but she just didn’t want me to fear going to school, therefore, she is letting this one go for now.  But you see – i can draw and write perfectly well, so why won’t they listen to me.  Daddy said to let me be for now and will try and fix the pencil thing next year.  What do you think of my drawing and handwriting?  do you think i need to hold my pencils like a beak way?

Hip Hop Dancing

I’ve been for my hip hop dancing for a few weeks now and i’m loving it – i can’t wait to go every week – but mama needs to hurry me to get outta the store.  This week – i forgot teddy at home and made daddy drive me all the way home to get teddy before going for hip hop dancing.  Daddy wasn’t impressed at all – but i was crying – so daddy had no choice.   I hurt myself during hip hop dance – it was an accident – but i was kicked and i cried.  After hip hop – grammie and aunt helena came to pick me up – and i went to grammie house.  Mother’s Day is coming up soon – what are you getting for your grammie?  I think I’m getting some electronic cigarettes for grammie – since grammie smokes and with the electronic cigarettes – it’s like smoke but not really smoke – check it out yourself  – if you have a grammie who smokes.  That way i don’t have to wash my hair anymore whenever i visit grammie! whoohoo!!