Sick Diet

So it has been a few days now and i’m still sick.  I wake up bright and chirpy in the morning and have some waffles and water.  Come the afternoon – i have some soup and crackers and then everything goes downhill.  I would puke a few times and then have tummy cramps – roll on my dora bed and not eating for the rest of the day – fall asleep and just get a wipe down and then go to bed – still in pain.  But there is nothing mama could do – because the doctor gave us no medication.  Tomorrow – daddy is bringing me back to my family doctor this time in the morning – to see if they can do anything else.  I haven’t been this sick before – mama is very worried.  Luckily, i didn’t have to go to school yesterday and today because it was in service and Monday and Tuesday was orientation day for the Grade Primary of next year’s class.  Everyone of mama’s friends from all over the world is praying for me.  Thank you to all Aunties and Uncles out there.

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