I Passed!

It was the last day of school yesterday and it was a very short day and mama and daddy said they were very proud of me.  Why?  because i did very well in my new school even though i only changed school during March break.  But my teachers said i did pretty good too.

My teachers said i fitted in nicely with the class and that i was a hard worker who very much wants to please.  But i’m worried about how well i was doing in all my work but with some encouragement i was able to relax and concentrate on doing well.  My writing has improved and i was able to spell some common words correctly.  And that i was quite the artist and loves drawing and coloring.  Mama said she was really proud of me and i will be going to Grade 1 – 2 combined class next term.

A Buffet Meal For My Teachers

My teachers are very good to me at my school – i really, really like them very much.  I even finished my school year without much trouble after i switched school during March break and I learned from mama and daddy that I will be going to the same school for next year.  Mama and daddy is very happy – coz’ then they don’t have to worry about the other kid who was being naughty and disturbed.

We also got a gift certificate for the school’s secretary because mama said she always brings my lunch to me everyday.  So mama wanted to thank her for being so sweet – unlike the other secretary in the other school – who was always grouchy – whenever she had to bring my lunch to me.   So this is our way of saying “Thank you!  for being so good to me!”

Raccoons @ Aunt Helena’s

I was out at Grammie’s the other day – and we went to Hectanooga and then to the beach – but see what Aunt Helena caught and brought home…??  Two very cute – raccoons.. !!! they were making so much noise.. but were really cute.  I even pat them .. and then showed mama the raccoons.. when they came to pick me up that day.  Do you like raccoons?  i love them..!!  i wished i could bring them home but daddy said no.

Compliment From A Stranger

We were out eating with daddy and mama’s friend discussing about  playdates  one Sunday – when a stranger – nice old couple stopped by at our table and told mama this.  She said – she had to tell mama – what a beautiful daughter she had and that i was very well behaved. At first, mama was shocked because we didn’t expect it and then mama and daddy said they were so proud of me – because they taught me well and i always behaved when i am in public.

You see – mama and daddy never let me misbehaved in public and if i doi – they bring me home right away.  So i know better but i rarely become naughty or evil outta the house – all i want is their attention you see and i don’t mean any  harm at all.

Drawing On The Walkway

Summer is here and while daddy was fixing the Linksys router i went out to draw with my chalk on the sidewalk.  I love doing that during the summer but some people may not like it – mama said because they think it is destroying the nice looks of this town.

But papa said if anyone complains – we can just wash it off – afterall, it’s just chalk and not spray paint – so happily i went and draw on the side walk for a good whole afternoon.

Everyone loves my drawing – they always smile when they pass by but some are not nice.. and walked all over my drawing instead of walking on the sides like some nice people.  But soon I’ll have a bigger place to draw because the store beside as is closing down.  I’m a happy camper!

You Are A Great Catch, Dad!

I made this in school for my daddy for Father’s Day but i didn’t make any for my Grampie because he isn’t my daddy – that was what i told my mama – when she asked me to make a card for Grampie too.  So while daddy and I were out at Walmart looking for pond filters , mama had to hide this away from daddy since i brought this home from school on Friday.

Did daddy like it?  i supposed  – he said it was kinda cute.  I spent like a week doing this in school and got mad one day because we were out doing Field day last week and didn’t get to work on our present for daddy.  Luckily it was all done before Father’s Day.

A Present For My Teacher

We have been thinking of what to get my teacher for a present, since it was the end of the school year in a few weeks.  I suggested a fruit basket to mama – but instead mama got this for my teacher and a potted plant that I had already given to my teacher today.  This came in today from Sherry – a friend/customer of the store.  She is ultra nice – Sherry for doing this for my teacher.  Can you guess what it is..??

These are personalized notepads for my teacher with her name on it.  We also bought a small personalized cake for my other teacher in my class.  Thank you to all my teachers for making my school year a wonderful one. I had so much fun in this class.

Thank You, Auntie Jenny From Australia

These presents came all the way from Australia, from Auntie Jenny ! this is not the first time that Auntie Jenny sent presents to me.  Auntie Jenny is mama’s and Kai Mah’s online friend – and even though they never met – Auntie Jenny – has always been very kid to me and sends me lots of gifts from stickers to storybooks.

I love everything that Auntie Jenny sent this time.

Necklaces and hair clips and they are in nice satin – so i can wear them and not worry that I will be allergic to them.  You see, I can’t wear certain metals – Auntie Jenny is so smart!

Love my fancy hairband – everyone says – wow! it’s so fancyyyy!!! Thank you .. Auntie Jenny!

I love this hairband too –  but I don’t really have any purple clothings – so this one have to wait for when i can match my clothings.

This scarf is lovely too – Auntie Jenny !  You have good taste like my Auntie Barb from Malaysia and my Kai Mah from Singapore.  Thank you very much for all my presents – mama said you have “heart” – i don’t know what she means but she said you have heart like my Auntie Barb and Kai Mah Lina.

Playing With Kyle

We all went to the hospital the other day to visit mama’s friend who has cancer, it was quite depressing because my best friend’s grampie just went to heaven like a week ago.   So when i got home and my neighbor Kyle was home – i was very happy to see him.

Kyle is a very nice boy – he is younger than I – and he lives beside me – his parents are very nice too – unlike the other one that mama said not to play with them for fear – they will sue us if anything goes wrong – or if we accidentally took their pictures while playing.   I told Kyle – i didn’t want to go to court – because I don’t like to – so I am not allowed to go over to the other neighbor’s place.  But Kyle can come to my place and so can I – and other neighbors – just not one neighbor – coz’ mama said – never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.