Blowing Bubbles With Jessica

I didn’t go to camp today – so when mama went to order food from Mr Zhu – we brought Jessica back to play for a bit before the food was ready.  We blew bubbles just outside our store and had so much fun.

Sometimes, Jessica would blow the bubbles and i will catch them and other times i will blow and jessica will catch them.  Or like now – we both blew bubbles together.

We love blowing bubbles together but I’ve to watch Jessica – because I have to make sure – she didn’t run into the road.

Aloha Day @ Summer Camp

It was Aloha day at the camp and as usual – mama tries to dress me up according to the theme of the camp.  I was very happy with my dress up and the accessories – daddy went to the dollar store yesterday to get me the flower necklace to look like i was in Hawaii.  And the dress was from Sarah’s mummy when they went to Cuba last year. I’m sure you recognize the hairband from down under – Auntie Jenny sent from Australia.

I even dance a hulahu dance for mama – so that she can take a picture of me for Kai Mah.  But alas, as soon as I went to camp – they were getting ready for a swim – so i had to take everything out again – and put on my swimming costume in the washroom.  Luckily mama was still around to help me with the dressing and sunscreen while papa stay and pay for the camp.  Papa wasn’t really happy – because we had woken up earlier for me to get dress and all.  Oh well – i enjoyed dressing up – mama said that’s alright too.

Mackerel Toss & A BBQ

So it was summer camp day today – but i didn’t go to camp but instead – i went to the Mackeral Toss & a outdoor BBQ  at the waterfront – with my mama – but my summer camp friends were gonna be there too – so we will meet up there.   The Mackeral Toss was just some groups of people changing into fisherman’s clothes and then they tossed mackerels to one another.  After the competition – everyone enjoy a BBQ on a outdoor electric grill – the same ones that grampie and grammie has at home.   Mama said that we should get one of those too – since they were easy to use.

We moved closer to the front – since everyone was crowding right in front – but as soon as we got to the front – i wanted to puke – and told mama my tummy wasn’t feeling good at all.   So we left before everything was over – but mama said sometimes the fish smell can get to one’s tummy.

These are my camp friends and co-ordinators – i hoped they enjoyed the mackerel toss and bbq more than i did.  I didn’t go back to the camp till after lunch  – late.

Swimming @ Lake Milo

I went to Lake Milo with the summer camp – but actually – i didn’t walk with them – daddy drove me to Lake Milo and mama had to wait for the camp coordinators and the other kids to come.  Boy! they took so long – but luckily the girl who  sell books at my school was there – so i played with her while waiting.  Mama asked her if she was going to be doing the same thing again when the school re-opens during the fall – and she had said yes – so I guess – i will be buying all my stationary and other books from her.

It was 45mins later before – the camp kids came – mannnn!! luckily Kelsey was also there to help me swim and play with me.  She tried very hard to get me in the water but i wouldn’t budge.  I finally got to wear the life jacket from the office at Lake Milo – even thought the life guard girl there wasn’t helpful at all – when mama asked if they do sell floater there.  So i played a bit more  that day – and had to go home because it was almost lunch time by the time they arrived.  What a bummer !  but at least i go to go to Lake Milo this year – mama said.

Blast From The Past @ Summer Camp

I’m in a disco ! I’m in the 70s!  – that’s what i like to sing – when i’m all dressed up for summer camp.  You see at the summer camp last week – they asked that we dressed up like the 70s – A Blast From The Past.  So mama and I picked out this dress from Auntie Kai Mah – from Singapore – she sent it to me last year and it fits perfectly.  The small sweater is from Auntie Barb – Malaysia and the hairband is from Auntie Jenny from Australia. Mama said i am an international dresser – hahahah!!

Oh.. and the butterfly necklace is also from Auntie Jennie from down under – i also won a prize for being the best dress – my Go – Gos!  woohoo!!  i love dressing up – mama said i was darn lucky – coz’  she never had a chance to get dress up when she was young –  her mama was too poor to dress them up.

Children’s Parade

So they didn’t have the children’s parade yesterday because  it was raining cats and dogs yesterday – what a bummer – i didn’t go to camp either – because it was already so late.  But i didn’t go to grammie’s yesterday either – because she didn’t call for me – daddy said  – it was alright – we played at the store instead.

So once again i didn’t go to the summer camp today – since the parade was postponed – i stayed at the store – and watched the parade from our store – but the cop car was very loud and very annoying – i ran back into the store after watching my summer camp friends walked by.  They had clowns too  – say hi to my summer camp friends everyone.

After the children’s parade i had lunch at the store and then mama brought me to Beacon Park for 1.5hrs to play with my friends from the summer camp.  Mama also got to see the children and how they behaved and now she knows i wasn’t lying about stuff.

Go Gos

So I went to summer camp for 2 days now – but i won’t be going tomorrow because of the children’s parade – and i didn’t want to walk in the hot sun at the children’s parade.  Mama said i was a wuss – so tomorrow – mama and daddy can’t do nothing – because I would need lots of attention.

But see my Go- Gos – yes !  i won them for being the best dress for the Blast from the Past and also for helping to clean up the drawing room.  I am very happy now – i won 2 of them – but daddy bought more for me from Zellers because I was being really good – when they told me that Grammie is gonna be busy tomorrow and won’t be able to take care of me.  You like my Go-Gos Kai Mah?  do they have Go-Gos in Singapore?

A closer look at my Go – Gos – for Auntie Barb – so she can get some for Ashley too.

No Grammie’s House

So i didn’t get to go to Grammie’s house today because she has peas to pick – so she can’t have me.  Mama said it was alright – we can go to Macdonald’s instead and then we can visit the library and go to Frost Park for a bike ride and then maybe to Beacon Park.  Mama needs to do some weight loss diet reviews and daddy needs to work but it’s alright mama said – she can do it later tonight.

But later that day – Auntie Su Lee came over to bring me swimming at the YMCA – so me and a few other kids who are Auntie Su Lee’s nieces and nephews went to the Y together – i had so much fun – i wasn’t frowning anymore.  Mama asked if i wanna go swimming with Auntie Su Lee next week – and i said yes.   So my frown turned into a smile and in the evening – i had a surprise call from Auntie Karen from Singapore – she is mama’s cousin – and she called just to say hi – because mama had told her i was upset and all because i didn’t get to go to Grammie’s like they promised.  So thank you – auntie Su lee – thank you auntie Karen for turning my frown into a smile – i learned that from Blue Clue’s.

My New Laptop

While i was in summer camp – mama bought this new toy laptop for me from the yard sale.  It’s not like i don’t have a computer at home – but i want one just like mama’s to bring along with me and work in the store.  I had asked for it for 2 yrs now – but Santa didn’t give it to me last Christmas – so finally mama bought it for me when she saw it on a yard sale for $12 while looking for  exzema treatment for her god – daughter.

Mama said i’m very lucky because she remembers what i want – but she never buys anything unless she can find them cheap enough – because like everything else – i would play with it and get excited about it for a day or two and then forget about the toy.  So i never get expensive toys unless they are on sale or on a yard sale.  Mama said she is not being el cheapo – but being smart with money.

Another Milestone

I didn’t go to summer camp today – and stayed at the store – not because i didn’t wanna go but because mama had to do some lipofuze reviews and also because – it was hot and humid out there.   She kept me home because i don’t drink enough water – and she was afraid that the camp coordinator might not remind me enough to drink water – and i might get a heat stroke or sick later this week.

Plus mama said – this was another milestone of mine – because i’m such a good girl and would go to summer camp on my own without a babysitter or much whining.  This summer camp is a lot more fun and mama said a year difference – sure changes my outlook a lot.  So when i insisted on coming home for lunch – and daddy was reluctant to do it – mama had to remind my daddy – that this was already a big step on my part to be wanting to go to summer camp.   So yes, mama said i can come home for lunch – and the reason i didn’t wanna stay for lunch is because the chairs and desks were dirty and had stains on them – mama said i’m abit OCD like her.