Mama Wants Me To Work In Health Care

Most of our friends and customers work in the hospital or health care – even Boston’s mummy works in health care.  The reason why mama wants me to study hard and do my homework is because she said  healthcare jobs are aplenty for those people who does well in school.  In this small town of ours – as long as you are in a health care job – you get all the good benefits for yourself and your family.  And mama said –  once you are in a health care job – you can do it anywheres in the world – health care workers are in great demand everywhere.  It is hard work – but it is worth all the hard work you put into it.  So you see – I’ve started doing homework now – in preparation for school – which is opening next week.

Boston’s Birthday @ Ellenwood Park

It’s Boston’s 4th birthday and I am invited to celebrate it with him at Ellenwood Park !  woohoo!!  i was very excited  – and i even slept early and woke up early to get ready for his birthday.   Mr B will be BBQing some hotdogs for everyone to eat – but I won’t be eating them – I don’t eat hotdogs yet.

Boston is the red head – and that is his birthday cake made by his very talented aunt.

Mr B and his sister are very kind – they let me play on their dragon floatie.

I’m playing with Boston’s present – collecting sand.

Here I am sun-tanning – but my towel wasn’t the biggest one – the girls all have nice beach towels.

We had an enjoyable time – thank you – Boston for inviting us.

Last Saturday @ GRammie’s

Today will probably be the last Saturday I am going to Grammie’s and Grampie’s on my own – because Grammie will be busy with the Apple Farm.  So when papa picked me up tonite – Grammie said she probably won’t have time to take me.  So I have to learn to play on my own when i am at the store – like reading to Teddy or playing school.   Today I gave Grampie a huge hug before leaving – and luckily I did – because I don’t know when I can come on my own again.

My Mama Loves Good Food

Yes! my mama loves good food and usually good food comes with lots of calories !  this is Laksa from her home in Singapore and Auntie Jenn from Toronto sent this to her about 10 days ago – and she can’t resist it and had to eat them.  But you see my mama needs to keep fit because she is diabetic and her doctor told her she put on a little weight – so she is trying hard to keep her weight down.  After eating this bowl of Laksa – mama had to workout and also eat salad for the next few days.  But she wants to try out rapid opiate detox because she she heard that it is good for health too.  At the moment she is also going for her infrared sauna twice a week to remove the toxin in her body.  So yes! my mama loves good food – and she is also trying to do everything she can not to put on more weight and to stay healthy.

Summer Camp Ends

Summer camp ends today – and we have a party tonight at the camp with awards and everything.  I’m going to get a special award because – mama and daddy had donated some stuff to the camp for the kids and they won’t be able to use the same gift for me.  But this year – I’ve done so much better – because I go to camp most days – except some days.  Last year I wouldn’t go to camp at all and this year – i go swimming with Auntie Su Lee and also i go to her bookstore and play with her.   So mama said it’s a milestone for me – to be all grown up and ready to play with other people without a babysitter.

My Cousins Are In Town

My cousins from Ottawa were here during the weekend and we went all the way to Briar’s Lake for a BBQ – of course – we didn’t eat anything – because I’m stubborn that way.  Mama had to get me fries and nuggets from Macdonald’s on the way out to Briar’s Lake – but I still didn’t eat the nuggets until much, much later – when we were going home – and only ate one.  Anyhow, I was looking forward to see Gabriel because mama had said – I had kissed Gabriel by accident when he was very young and visiting.   So i brushed my teeth, cleaned my face and dressed up fancy – to meet Gabriel again.  Gabriel is a little younger than I but he is as tall as I.  He loves to play his DS but i love to go outdoors and run around.

This is Xavier – my other younger cousin – he is 3 years old – but he is awfully smart and cute – he is very active too – and he would follow us around and climb hills with us and try and do everything we do.

We colored together and when we had to say goodbye – Gabriel said – “see you when I am 7 yrs old ” hehe!!   See you soon Gabriel!

Goldie Went To Fishie Heaven

Goldie went to fishie heaven today – and i cried and cried and cried – and no amount of comforting would stop me from crying.  So daddy had no choice but to tell me he would bring Goldie to the vet and revived him.  So i stopped crying for a bit and daddy brought Goldie to the store and flush him out in the store.  We had meant to give him a proper burial – daddy even bought a small box to put Goldie in – but seeing that i was crying for Goldie so bad – they had to shelved the idea.  Guess I’m not ready to handle any death yet at 6.5 yrs old.

Pirate Ship Ahoy!

This summer – mama brought me to the water front – for the pirate ship jump – it’s like a big jumping boat – that i climbed on and jump and slide on it.

Ahoy ! there!!  I didn’t really like going up on my own and I was the first to be there.

Woooo..!  i’m going down!  too back Dominic didn’t come any earlier – by the time he came by – there was a line up  – bummer!

Kidzact On The Waterfront

Remember Kidzact – that i was in for hip hop dancing ?  yes – they were at the waterfront dancing this summer – i don’t know when i will be performing – but i like watching them dance.  We were standing on top of the museum and mama took a picture of their awesome performance – they were really good.

Ellenwood Park

No camp for me today – because they all went to Ellenwood Park and i didn’t wanna go – i stayed at the store instead and started on my homework for school.  I wrote the numbers from 1 – 100 for mama and did some addition and subtraction and then i did some new words as well.   I didn’t wanna go to Ellenwood Park because I didn’t wanna be so far away from the store – if i had gone – i would be away from mama and daddy for the whole day.  So nope i stayed.