All About Mama’s Health

Every now and then – mama would read up on health reviews and stuff that is good for the entire family.  If she was going to try something new – like a vitamin or a diet pill like alli , she would definitely read up on it first before buying them.  When someone tells her that some natural food stuff is good for her blood sugar – she will also do her research and read up a lot on it before buying it.   She also checks with her doctor and also her pharmacist before buying the vitamins or diet pills or any other pills she needs.  What about you?  does your mommy read up on the pills she needs to purchase for health reasons?

Cleaning The Sink

I’m quite a helper at the store – just today – i cleaned the sink for mama after school.  I had been taught to clean up after myself since I was a baby – and sometimes when I have nothing to do at the store – I would help clean up or play with water.  But I’m not messy and if i make a mess – I do clean after myself.   I do a good job too – so if you need some cleaning to be done – you know who to call.  Mama said hopefully when I grow up – I would still like to clean.

Shopping With Mama

Mama doesn’t get to go shopping very much – because she doesn’t know how to drive – so the only time she can go shopping is during the weekends.  And when she does go shopping – she has to get the most important things first – usually groceries and home furnishing or stuff that I need.  Last week – we went to hunt for some Hunter ceiling fans for the basement.  You see winter is coming – therefore we need some ceiling fans to blow the hot air around – as we use a wood stove in the basement.   With wood stove – you need to have the hot air – moved around to warm up the entire basement – so mama said – this is the best time to get it and install it before the really cold weather start setting in on us.  Mama said – no more procrastination – else – we won’t be able to get everything done before winter – and if the basement is kept warm all over – the rooms upstairs isn’t going to get warm either.

Mama’s Watch

Daddy and I went to get new batteries for mama’s watch – because mama said all her watches didn’t have any batteries in them except for one.  She said things here are unlike Singapore where there are shops just for watches – where you an bring it to them and pay some money and they will fix your watch batteries for you.  Mama loves her watches – she has got a few watches – but here in Y-town she can’t get the ones she like.  So she look for them online and some of the  IWC brand and the latest models are the ones she is eyeing on.  Daddy said this Christmas – Santa may be bringing someone a watch from IWC – so I guess mama better be on Santa’s good list eh.

Reading With LeapPad

Now that I’m in Grade 1 – mama said I would need to read a lot more and learn to recognize a lot more words – so when mama saw this in a yard sale – she bought this for me.   I love my Leap Pad and have been reading it for a few days – I even brought it Grammie’s a few weeks ago – to read to her.  What does the Leap Pad do?  it reads the book to me – and then if i don’t know certain word – I can use the pen – and it would read out the word back to me – that way I can learn the word.

It came with only 2 books but mama will continue looking for more books for me – and daddy will go on ebay and see if they have any at a reasonable price.  You can’t get a Leap Pad book anymore – mama didn’t know this when she bought this – so we have to get them used or 2nd hand.  But that’s alright – everything looks new to me – and the most important thing is – i liked it – and it does help me to read better.

Daddy Shops Online All The Time

My daddy loves to shop online all the time – sometimes it is things he needs – sometimes they are for things the customer/s need and sometimes it is just for the store.  But daddy had been shopping for electronics like camera, speakers and our HDTV was bought online.   Daddy said it was safe to shop online and with  onecall coupons you can get even better prices.  Daddy online buy things online when they are on sale or if he has a coupons for them.   Daddy likes to find things at great prices – else mama be upset – and you can upset my mama – else she will turn into a monster!  In our family – daddy does all the shopping even the groceries – daddy said – if we can get our groceries online – now that would be perfect!

Skye’s 6th Birthday

I attended Skye’s birthday at the bowling alley and it was a good birthday.  Mama and daddy already set down the rules for me – before I went for the birthday party – but I was still a brat – and didn’t want to play with others – and only wanted to bowl by myself.

Skye was very, very nice and made room for me to sit beside her – mama was very impressed that she was so thoughtful.  These are all the friends that attended Skye’s birthday.

We had yummy cakes – made by her Aunt Crystal – she is a very good baker.

Skye opened my present last – because everyone wanted theirs to be opened first – but that’s alright – i just sat quietly till it was my turn.  We bought Skye a blouse and a fashion doll book for her birthday.

This is me bowling.

And this is Skye – the birthday girl and my friend.  Happy Birthday, Skye! thanks for inviting us!  we had a great time!

Daddy Needs To Tone Up

This is my daddy – he works long hours and love playing games – not outdoor ones – but indoor ones – like computer games and Magic the Gathering.  We do go out and bike together when the weather permits – but mama said not even exercises for all of us.  So daddy is reading up on hgh supplement because it is said to boost health, reverse signs of aging, and add longevity to lives.  But papa said it is better for mama than him – hahah!  because mama needs all the boosting she needs.  But both of them need toning up – because they need to stay healthy to take care of me – afterall, who else is there to take care of me right?   So yes – daddy and mama needs all the vitamins and supplement they can get – to tone up and boost their energy because I want to go to the park everyday.

Exercising With My Mama

I’m helping mama lose some weight by exercising with her – see – I remind her to exercise everyday and jump around with her and play tag with her.  Mama said she needs to lose weight to stay healthy and reading up on Lipofuze because someone told her that with that you can lose 10 pounds in one week!  wow!! right!  but is there side effects ?  so she said she needs to read up more on it.  In the meantime, mama said we can go biking together starting from tomorrow if the weather permits.

Why is mama trying to lose weight? because she wants her blood sugar to go down and she wants to be more energetic – plus she wants to look good when she goes for Jen’s wedding in Toronto next year.  I’m so excited too to go to Toronto for the first time.  So if you have any tips for mama to lose weight – don’t forget to let her know.

No More Sippy Cups Please!

These are cups I used for drinking – some I used once and never used them again – but some I’ve been using a lot.  But this year – at the beginning of school – I told mama I don’t want any sippy cups.  Mama buys all sorts of drinking cups for me to bring to school – and we have more in the kitchen cabinets – but when I am ready like now – I won’t want any more sippy cups.

I drink most from this pink bottle from Aunty Alice from Singapore – she sent it all the way from Singapore – and I use this hello kitty cup for my milk in the mornings and evenings.   So Kai Mah or Aunty Barb  – if you see a bottle like this one from Aunty Alice – mama said to please buy it for me – please and thank you.   But I’m a big girl now – I’m not using any sippy cup no more not even at home.