Halloween GingerBread Man

I made a Halloween gingerbread cookie at Grammie’s last week.   I can’t eat them all – so I ate them in pieces on a few occasion.   I put lots of sprinklers on it – and loved it.  Mama said I am a pretty good baker.  I love going to Grammie’s house because I get to bake with her.

A Visit To The Local Market

Last weekend – we went to the local market and a natural food store in town with some of mama’s friends  – while some of the aunties were looking for  diet pills for women , I was only interested in treats for Halloween.   We bought quite a few goodies for myself and mama bought some savory food – mama said kids don’t have to worry about putting on weight – but adults need to be careful with what they eat.  But even then – mama don’t like me to eat lots of candies or treats.

The treats that I had bought during the weekend – I wanted to eat some more yesterday – but of course mama said no – because I didn’t finish my lunch at school nor my fruits.  I got cranky – and said to papa that I was gonna kill myself – when he said no.  Papa got really mad – and I got punished of course for saying something so bad – I cried and cried.  And mama said – I was really being bad – so no more treats for me for the rest of the day.  I had to eat fruits only for dessert.  Mama said the next time I say something that – I wasn’t going to the store anymore.  Plus, if I overeat on my treats – and get obese – I have to loose the extra weight – like the aunties we went to the local market with.

Fund Raising For Home & School

I’m fund raising for home and school this week – not much time – to do it – because they only gave it to us last week and we have to return it by Friday – this week.  I’ve collected some money but not a lot like previous years – because mama said this year she is not going to be over-zealous.  During our previous years – mama usually asked her friends from overseas to help – but not anymore – because mama wants to concentrate on her health and my studies from now on.  Not that we won’t do any fund raising – but mama is just not getting crazy over it like previous years.   Kai Mah you want a calendar? LOL!

The Neigbor’s Dog & Cat

The neighbor’s dog and cat would come to our lawn and backyard and poop on the ground.  We want to put some no trespassing signs up – because we don’t have a fence around our lawn or backyard.  But shouldn’t people keep their dogs and cats tied up or bring them out for walks – so that they don’t go pooping at the neigbor’s house?  One time – their dog came running up to me – and I got really scared – and daddy said – the next time the dog comes running like that – he was calling the dog catcher.  So far we’ve only seen the dog a few more times in our lawn – but we found some poop every week – in our lawn – so someone’s dogs and cats are still coming around.  Daddy is going to put something into the lawn – so that the dogs and cats doesn’t come anymore.  But the trespassing signs are going to be up – so that they neighbors are warned.

Meat Fest

We went out for a meat fest yesterday and look at how much mama ate!  mama rarely eat so much meat – but the ribs were so good – she had to finished everything up she said.  The BBQ ribs were so tender – you don’t need to use your fingers to eat it or rip it apart – it falls apart on its own.   After eating all of it – mama felt so guilty and told daddy she needs to lose weight fast because she was so full up to her eyeball.   But she had no regrets eating the ribs – and it was only 1/3 of the entire ribs that one can order from Jungle Jim but must be like 1000 calories here – mama said.  So yes!  she better do extra exercises and also find ways to lose that extra weight – or her doctor won’t be too happy.

Halloween Ginger Bread House

Ginger bread houses are not only for Christmases – in fact they had one for Halloween too! papa asked if I wanted to get one and go to grammie’s and make my own gingerbread  house – and I said yes!  But the icing was pretty runny – so grammie made her own icing.  Pretty cool eh.   Do you like my Halloween Gingerbread house?  I think I should make one for Christmas too.  Mama wanted me to bring this to school – but I didn’t want to.  So now it’s sitting at home – on the new table mama bought – actually it’s a console.

Go Away Bacteria

Mama is a little bit of paranoid when it comes to bacteria – she cleans everything before i used them – and in my bedroom – she uses tea tree oil products to clean my stuff – because they said that it removes bacteria. But mama said that tea tree oil is also used as an antiseptic, anti-bacteria, and it fights off various fungi and different types of germs and even acne!   So if you are like mama – and want a healthy kiddo – try using tea tree oil – it smells a bit funky to me – but mama said it smells awesome!

My Play Area In The Store

Many of you would know that I spend a lot of time at daddy’s store – if I am not in school.  When I was younger – they bring me to work with them – and even when I had a babysitter – we are usually at the store together – except for the few hours during supper – but that was when i was way older. This is my play area at the store – I have all my toys – a sofa and I always have a play area – regardless where our store was from the day I was born.

These are my movies and toys.

More toys!  Daddy always say I’m very blessed because I get to go to work with them – but I complained all the time that they don’t play enough with me.  But daddy explained that if he and mama had a regular job – they won’t be able to bring me to work – and I have to be in a day care after school or an after school program.  At this moment – I don’t really understand it – but mama is writing it down – so that when I’m a big girl and I look back at these entries – I will know how much they love me.

Story Books & Health Magazines

When we go for shopping to buy me some story books – mama loves to read all the health magazines she can get a hold of  – so while daddy reads his sci-fiction and I go choose my fairy tales – mama would look for health magazine for her diabetes or high blood pressure.  One time she was looking at an article on   herpes cure because mama said her friend told her she needed some information on it.   I don’t know what herpes is or what the cure is – but mama said it was good to know – so that she can go help a friend by giving her some information.

I love reading – but not health magazines – I’m still a kid – so I read only fairy tales and brush up on skills for my reading.  What do you like to read?  I love all my books and if we have time at night before sleeping I get mama and papa to read a lot of books to me – but we usually only have time for 2.

Two-Bite Brownies & My Mama

We bought some two bite brownies a few days ago – and mama who normally don’t like desserts is crazy about these brownies – so she is cheating on her diet and eating them – one at a time – and every time she finishes eating them – she would say – ohhhh!!  i need some fat burner now!  hahaha!!  she is too funny!  but you see mama puts on weight easy – and she is diabetic – so she is extra guilty eating them.   So Papa said – he would get her some fat burner – if she finishes the whole box by herself – else she shouldn’t feel so guilty – but mama said – she really does need some.  And daddy said – if it makes her happy – he would go get some for her tomorrow.