Jesscia had been coming over to play with me of late.  Mama said that’s to prepare her to come be with us more often when her mama has another baby in January.  I like Jessica to come play with me – we play with play doh, sometimes we draw or watch a movie.  When there is no customers at the store – we will play ball.  The other day – I put Jessica on time out because she tore my box a little – but mama went to talk to her – and I started bawling my eyes out and accused mama  of loving Jessica more.  So mama brought Jessica home instead – because she didn’t want to frighten Jessica.  I can be bad like that and mama had to explain to me why I cannot treat Jessica this way – else Jessica won’t wanna come play with me no more.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

If you want to look as beautiful and have beautiful skin as my mama – then you have to go to and find out what mama uses for her skin and her face.  My mama is 45 yrs old but she sure doesn’t look like 45 – everyone say she looks like 35 yrs old.  This pleases mama very much – so if you want to look as young as my mama – then you have to check out what she uses.   Mama said that she has been using this product since she started working – and her mother uses the same thing too.  Maybe when I grow up I can use the same beauty product as my mama too.

I Took A Life Vaccine

I took my flu vaccine today and it’s a life vaccine according to the new doctor that I’ve seeing.  I had to take flu mist because I refused to get a needle  – so mama had to order flu mist that was shot up my nose.  It didn’t hurt but I was quite frightened about it.  But 4 weeks from today – when I take the second one – I wouldn’t be afraid anymore – because it didn’t feel nothing.   Papa had to pay for the vaccine because it was not covered by MSI.

Getting Ready For School

This is me – getting ready for school – see the sky is still dark outside and I have to get up and get my breakfast and go to school.  But I don’t mind it so much – because I do like going to school now.

Christmas Crafts

We had gone to see some crafts handmade locally by the people from this town.  Look at all these wonderful looking crafts.  We didn’t buy any because they were really expensive –  mama said when it draws nearer to Christmas maybe it will get cheaper.  I hope so – because i like some of the things here.

A Baby Shower

Mama is planning a baby shower for one of her friends – so she bought some  prenatal vitamins and we went shopping for baby’s clothing and diapers.  Next will be getting the invitation out and then plan for the food – but mama said that all mummies need to take care of themselves when they are pregnant.  So taking vitamins are very important – so that the baby can be healthy and the mummies can also be healthy.  We want both mama’s friend and the baby to be healthy – so we bought lots of vitamins for them – it will be a few months before the baby arrives – but she can start eating those vitamins even before she have her baby.   I can’t wait to get the balloons for the baby shower – mama said i can have a pink one.

Oops! I Have Horns!

Yes! for those who are not aware of this – daddy said – he knew that I had horns somewhere behind my ears for a long time now.  It’s just that you don’t really get to see it – unless you know me very well – but there- I’ve proven daddy right – my horns are out.  Sometimes – I can get so naughty – daddy had to raise his voice at me.  Maybe, I’m too tired? or just want to eat junk – or I don’t have someone to play with – but whatever it is – I know I’m not supposed to show my horns too many times a day.

Eating In The City

I didn’t eat a lot when we were up in the city – because I’m a real fussy eater – but mama and daddy sure ate quite a bit – and Arby’s was a must stop for daddy.  Look at the roast beef  & cheddar sandwich he had!  lots of roast beef right?  but it was so yummy daddy said.  Mama ate more during the trip – so she is going to need the best weight loss supplements to lose all the weight she put on during her short trip up to the city else her doctors are going to say she is obese again – now that’s not good at all.  Mama fears putting on weight because she has diabetes – so if she does put on weight she will be in big trouble.

Staying @ The Four Points Sheraton Halifax

We left for Halifax on Sunday just after breakfast – but we woke up late that day – so by the time we arrived in Halifax – it was quite late.  We shopped first because on Sundays unlike Singapore – shop closes at 5pm.  We then headed to our hotel in downtown Halifax – The Sheraton Halifax was a very nice place to stay in.  I got toys from the front desk and they even gave us a sofa bed – so that I don’t have to sleep alone in my own bed but in mama’s room.  But I brought my pillows and blankie of course and Teddy!   We went swimming but the water was so cold – we used the hot tub instead – I love the hotel so much – I slept the whole night without waking up at all.

Shopping For Christmas

Mummy is going to the city with Mrs B – to hunt for some modern furniture because this Christmas – we are hosting dinner at our place instead of going to Grammie’s – so that Grammie can take a rest.   Why modern furniture?  because the ones we have are actually given to us by daddy’s grammie – so they are pretty old.  Mummy said some new dining chairs are a must and of course – if we can pretty up the house – it was about time.   But since mummy wanted quality furniture and not just plywood – put together – she can’t find any good ones – that she liked, plus she don’t want to pay too, too much for it  – so hopefully when she goes to the city – just for the day, she can find some good and cheap ones.