Princess Peach & A New Sled

Thought I would share with you what Santa got me for Christmas – after eating my cookies and chocolate milk.  A princess peach and a new sled!  boy! am I happy ! i can’t wait to the next snow day to visit grammie and go sledding with her and grampie.  I wonder if Uncle Richard would come play with me too.   There are many more gifts that Santa gave me – I will tell you more in another post.

Scanner Software For Daddy For Christmas

Daddy bought a few things for himself during Christmas and one of them he wanted for work was a scanner software to make his work at the store easier.  You see at the store – there is just too much paper and it drives my mama crazy because daddy doesn’t believe in filing everything away properly – so with this scanner software – daddy say he can go paperless and not worry about losing any document or information needed for the customers’ computer repair.  Plus he can also scan all his invoices and keep everything on the computer and be able to access it even though when he is not in town or at the store.  Pretty cool software eh.

X’mas Morning

This was Christmas morning for me – and Santa did come !  look at my stocking!  Santa got me all the stuff I wanted in my stocking.  In it – were chocolates – little pony and magic markers for my board – and in so many colors.  I had to open my stocking in my bedroom because the room where our Christmas tree is – isn’t warm enough yet.  But wait till you see all my Christmas presents from Santa this year.  I told mama that I think Santa loves me more than them – muahahhaha!! and then I changed my mind – because I didn’t want to hurt mama and daddy’s feeling and told them that I think Santa loves me as much as they do.

A Bigger LCD Monitor For Daddy

So you must all be wondering what we got daddy for Christmas right?  well – it’s a kindle from Amazon – thanks to Auntie Wei Li from USA – who sent the Kindle from USA to daddy for us – so that daddy don’t have to wait for 6 – 9 weeks for it to arrive.   And then we got a bigger LCD monitor for daddy from Staples – since it was on sale – now daddy can play his games and do his online auction all at once because the monitor is so huge – he can do two things at the same time.  Daddy loves going on online auctions and doing stuff online – like ebay – amazon and any online store – so that he doesn’t miss out on any good deals and good buy.   Daddy is a very happy man today – not only is he reading a lot – he is also doing a lot online with less time.

Snowman Cupcakes From Mr B

Mama said we got to love Mr & Mrs B.  for always thinking of me – when it comes to just about anything – even making a snowman cupcake.  Mr B. drove all the way from outta town just to send me this cupcake that was made by Skye and Boston and their cousins and boy ! was it yummmmy!!!  I ate everything except the cheesie – I don’t like cheesie at all – but the rest of the stuff – I ate everything.  Thank you Mr B. for thinking of me always.

Christmas Shopping For My Friends

This year we did pretty good for presents for Christmas.  First mama took care of my birthday – and every one had a gift card from McDonald’s – before leaving my birthday party.  Then for those whom I cannot invite – we had the magician brought into school as a treat for the classes.  On top of that mama gave all the teachers a gift card from subway – including our school secretary to thank her for looking out for my lunch everyday.  Then for Christmas – mama sent in candy canes and chocolates for my entire class.  And of course – the many bags of apples from grammie and mama.

So after shopping for my school – we had to shop for my friends – not from school – but from the store and some whom I have known for many, many years – even before I was born.  We bought some sesame street t shirts for kids and some play dough, trouble game, dresses, stocking and PJs for some.  Of course – don’t forget the candy canes tied on each gift bags.   All the presents for my friends – are finally done today – and we are ready to give them out tomorrow.  Yippeee!!!  so now for grammie’s, grampies and uncle richard’s present and we are done for Christmas shopping.

Playdate With Madison

Madison is my old classmate from South Centennial and we used to play together a lot.  Madison was invited for my birthday at the movies and she came to celebrate my 7th birthday with me.  So mama invited her to come play with me – and her daddy brought her in the other day.  We didn’t play for long – because I needed to have lunch and then I headed out to Grammie’s that day.  We had a good time albeit very short – hope Madison will come visit soon.

Rain Boots For Mama On Christmas

We don’t know what to get mama for Christmas – but I did remember mama saying she wanted some kamik rain boots for the raining season we have here in Yarmouth.  Since mama don’t like us to buy presents for her just because of buying – we know that getting this funky looking rain boots for her would be something she can use often and like the colors and the pattern a lot.   These rain boots are light and they have imported Italian lining and since they are made in Canada – it’s even better – we like to keep the money in Canada if possible – that is what daddy like to say.  But we can buy mama boots with free shipping too – now that’s awesome eh.

Magic Show @ School

Thanks to my Kai Mah – Lina – she brought in a magician for my birthday present – for school.  You see – mama told Kai Mah not to send any presents this year – because we want to remember Cousin Nick – who passed away recently – so we are not celebrating in a big way.   So Kai Mah – sent money for mama to bring the magician for my birthday – but since my birthday was in the movies – mama asked for the magician to come to school instead.

I had so much fun during the magic show – and it’s not only me that was having fun – lots of my friends from school also enjoyed the show very much.  This is Erica – and she was one of the first to help out in the magic show – Erica was very cute – and brave.

And then Landon and I were the helpers – we had so much fun – we laughed so hard and it wasn’t only us kids who loved the magic show – the teachers loved it too.  Thank You Kai Mah Lina for your generous gift and all your love.

Netbooks Are For Kids Too

Daddy has a netbook just for me to watch my movies when we are traveling to the city in the car.  The netbook is light and I have it on my lap and mama said netbooks are meant for kids too – because they are small and they can do just about anything a laptop can do.  It is great when we travel and mama can check her emails from the netbook too.  Daddy said I can use the netbook when I am older for school – so I can be a techie kid too.